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Turning The Hand Of Time Backward For Just One Week

Turning The Hand Of Time Backward For Just One Week

This is a life we are talking of and life issues must not be taken with levity instead must be taken with all seriousness. In life, so many things are happening and most especially intimidation. Those who have money make life so boring and this is not how life should have been. Life is something that would be seen as something called balance. To me, this life is not balanced and if there is a way to make it balanced, I would be the first to create such changes.

For just one week, I would have loved to change so many things in my life. To be sincere with you, it is not easy to do this but sometimes opportunity can come and there is no way one would not make good and solid use of such an opportunity.

I came from an average home and I can't say if it would be called an average home, but it is more or less from a poor family or poor background. I never think of myself as someone who would have made it in life nor would I have gotten to the position I'm in today. Being from a poor family is something no one would love to experience. It is full of hardship and full of roughness. The tide behind the sea is within the sea so is my stormy story.

My story was just like a sea that has been so calm without erupting. I have suffered a great deal in life and I bet you I would never choose this part for my immediate enemies but it's the part I have chosen and no turning back. The truth is that, if there were to be an opportunity to change this past and make things right, there is just one thing I must change.

So many people are born with a silver spoon. This means they were not made to suffer but were made to make things out of the very person they are. Their parents have the opportunity to change their stories to be the best of all. They are in the realm of too much enjoyment and are having the opportunity to get anything they want. Some of them can travel to their dream countries and this is what we all wished for in life.

Life is not easy without money and it is only the wealthy have the opportunity to make things better. Those who are born poor would just be happy with sadness deep inside of them. No poor man would see a rich man without thinking twice or without thinking of how to make a better life. Every human is born to create an exploit but just a few can make it happen. We are born to rule the world but those with the opportunities have the mind to make this happen.

No man is born poor but life itself sometimes can cheat the dwellers in it. This means so many of us have been cheated and to find a way to set things right is to struggle. It is only the poor that struggled to make ends meet but the rich had no say and instead saw struggling as the poor man's arena.

If I had the opportunity to go back in time, I would change my parents.* I would make them the richest in the world. This would make everyone see me with a silver spoon. I have seen so many parents who support their children in all ways and most especially when it comes to the aspect of money. They have taken things so lightly and have not left any stone unturned when it comes to supporting their children.

My parents are the struggling type who only struggled to make me who I'm today.

I would make my parents rich and for that week, everything would be set right.

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