#BOM That One Wrong Decision

If you had the opportunity to travel back in time - for just one week - to change just one thing in your life...what would it be?

An artists sketch of the building

With my two little ones and my Dad in the early years

This is quite an easy one for me as if I could go back in time to when my younger kids were 9 and 12. At this time my father had just died and we were in Mauritius to scatter his ashes.

Oh, if only I could have the week back then all over again and not sell the little boutique hotel that my Dad owned on the beach front. It was a time where time share was not allowed and also one only owned the building and not the land and so we decided to sell. The place was left to my brother and myself.

Clearly this is a decision that we wish we had not made and now as we look at the little place it has been transformed into a little paradise with a pool in front of it.

The lesson I learned here was that if you own a property - DO NOT SELL. Later I became an estate agent and again bought and sold and today I have so many regrets.

However, I thank God that I have my family - my two sons and my daughter and of late we have had so many special times together that I am grateful that whatever the outcome I still have my children.

My advice to all my friends and family and to those of you who read my post - property is the best investment so keep whatever you have and try to own even more than one property if you can so that you have residual income.

Thanks to @lizelle for all your hard work over the years. I know what it's like to keep going like this with a community.

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