4 Simple Morning Habits to Make Your Day Much Better πŸ’¦ πŸš²πŸšΏβœ…

Self-care practice during the covid time has been becoming my strong morning routine recently. Let's talk about some of the positive changes that could be added to your morning routine. However, each of us has our own morning routine, so the suggestions on my list here are just my personal point of view to start yours, not as a step-by-step guide for any specific people. And my key to build this routine is consistency.


Drink water
Drinking water's advantages have been well documented, especially it can protect you from covid. You know you should moisturize all day, but in the morning the whole process takes place with a glass of water. Not only physiologically (because after 8 hours you get some water in your body but mentally too). Sometimes someone else gets there until noon, or later, but they just realize that they haven't got a drop? It can help a lot to get used to knocking your first glass back this morning. Some even go to the bedside table the night before to put a glass of water.


I use to write something about why not cycling in the last post. Riding a bicycle is a positive start in the morning. That's a good reason to get out of your comfortable bed and enjoy nature. In the meantime, you can stay fit as everyone wants to be in good shape and well protect from diseases, covid is a good example to prevent πŸ’ͺ


Truth to be told that cold shower wakes up your mind and brings you great ideas. I have a lot of ideas pump up even sometimes still taking a warm shower ;) It’s not only my physical routine necessary, but also I feel like a mini pampering session every time I do it.


Review β€œto-do list”
This is great for a productive day and important for my further goal. Morning is the perfect time for someone like me to do a strategy before they are distracted by the inevitable tumult of emails and meetings. When you take your time to write down or review your game schedule for the day, you get to take mood-based decisions again.


Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to hearing from you 😍

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