My thoughts. The path of each of us


In our youth, we do not understand what your life is? And most importantly, we do not know at all what needs to be done to make your path interesting and eventful. It is good that parents and society teach us all that we need to learn everything and comprehend a lot in order to live in harmony with everyone. But this is precisely what we do not want, and very often. And when the time comes to "collect stones", that is, to reap the benefits of what you were able to grow (for yourself), then suddenly you realize that you have lived and are living in a completely different way. We were all taught to live the way someone wants it (as an example - the society around us), but you need to live the way you personally need.


But I'm talking about life, but about work I should say this - You can't live from weekends to weekends, thus wasting valuable time given to us by God and Nature from birth. But you understand all this well when you have already passed 50 or 60 years. It is in retirement that life begins when you owe nothing to anyone. And so it is necessary to live already in youth, so that later it would not hurt you to look back, realizing that you did not have time to do something in your life, where there was no real freedom. Because there was no real taste of life, when just one day can become equal to eternity. But this is just a beautiful philosophy, and in life everything is more prosaic.


And another important question, what will remain in the memory after us and specifically after you? It doesn't matter what your path was, what is important is what will remain for your children, relatives, close people, and friends. No matter how you consider it at the core, the main thing is not your capital, expressed in money, but your capital, expressed in creativity. Because not money, but creativity is eternal. What is money? Well, such cut paper or coins, as a unit of account for goods and services - that's all. For centuries, has anyone remembered at least one of the rich people or the bankers of the usurers? Of course not. But there are many creative people - musicians and artists, writers and poets in memory.


And as an addition to understanding what I am talking about. Any creative person should always remember that creativity and art are eternal. Music and poetry, prose and poetry - always leave a deep imprint on the memory of generations. And all works can be placed in a book, and a book is a memory for hundreds and thousands of years, but not an e-book, of course. The virtual world is not eternal and it is subject to destruction. People and states will disappear, and the printed word will forever keep the memory of this time and the poet, like music. Who now remembers Persia, which has been gone for a long time? But the poet Omar Khayyam is known and remembered by the whole world to this day. And he wrote poetry while living in the XI century (1048-1131).


And a small addition at the end of the post. All photographs have nothing to do with the topic of my reflections. These are just beautiful photos about our amazing nature of the South Urals, Russia. Well, since beauty is the basis of any creativity, it means that here photos are great to admire, reading a post called: My thoughts. The path of each of us. Such is the topic of today, my friends and members of the Silver Bloggers Community.



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