Completion. A terrible disease and entries from my diary on coronavirus. Part 5


January 21, 2021 is a good mix of numbers. And then everything is fine too. Yesterday and today I cleaned the snow, and already 5 times - it fell with us ... well, a lot. Each time for me it is like the work of a Stakhanovite who immediately overrides his norm. I shovel it on purpose to drive out more of this infection later. Well, as I think - it turns out. The first thing I did in the morning was take measurements. The temperature has entered a normal rhythm, but we are still fighting with the pressure. It decreased, and in the morning it was 159 to 90 - a bit too high.


I decided to make the morning break again. I changed my clothes and threw myself out into the street for a wide run - that is, I again staged a 2 km march, I can't pull a three ruble note. It is clear that I also loaded 30 kg onto my shoulder and forward. And on the street this morning it was frosty, cut at minus 32. However, it's cold, but it's too late to retreat. He returned home like Santa Claus - covered in hoarfrost and soaked inside from sweat. It is very good.


I had breakfast and got some rest. I drank an infusion of calendula, which works miracles. Not only did the dry cough disappear completely, I stopped coughing. In addition, I change the herbal infusions, brewing more thyme and willow tea. I also wash the nasopharynx every hour with a solution of sea salt. In this regard, the body cleansing from these procedures is colossal and this is noticeable. An hour later I decided to take a pressure measurement.


And here's the joy - it is 145 to 84. This already gave me the idea that I was doing everything right. I think that this is where the reports about my fight against the virus can end, if there are no changes in the future? By the way, as one woman (a doctor by profession) wrote, the period of the crisis of the disease and its recovery from it passes in a period of 5 days. I wrote the first post on 01/17/2021.



Thanks to everyone who was concerned about my health and the fight against this infection. People! You still helped me with your advice, instilling positive energy. Once again, many thanks to all! As it turned out, there is nothing wrong with this virus (read correctly - bacteria), because, as Colonel-General L.G. Ivashov: "Any of us must understand that a bacteriological war is going on against us, and there is no Covid-19 virus." Well, bacteria are destroyed just like viruses. Even if they want to make a secret out of everything that happens.

I wish you all good health - this is the main thing!
The rest is vanity when there is no health.


Photos to the topic of this post have nothing to do with it. These are just beautiful photographs about our amazing nature of the Southern Urals in Russia and Beauty, where mainly the genre is Landscape and Winter. Well, since Beauty is the basis of any creativity, it means that here photos are perfect to admire when reading this post (even about such a terrible disease as coronavirus). Although these are just my entries from the diary, which I kept as soon as I fell ill with Covid-19.

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