Amazing and fantastic place in nature in the forest


Showing an amazing and fantastic place in nature in the forest
Many people call this place the Scythian Circle or the Golden Mill.
And also the name - Chudskaya mine. It is associated with gold.


In the very middle of the circle there is this square hole.
And what many people think about this interesting circle.
A circle that is perfectly carved by something in the stone?


See what is the correct circle - could ancient people have done it?
Who exactly did all this and why - until now, no one knows?
There are only questions to which there is still no desired answer.


A very large stone slab in the forest that contains this circle.
And the slab is mysterious, it is perfectly flat on the site.
In the photo you can clearly see where the cut is like clockwork.


Here is the site itself. How could it be done? Some kind of fantasy!
They say that there was a gold mill here, the rock was threshed.
I don't really believe it, because there are no rock dumps nearby.


And once again - a look from the side at this perfectly flat area.
It seemed to me that it was a large stone that was simply cut.
Around, there are just enough stones, which, apparently, were sober.


The width of the groove in the circle is the same, as we can see.
Like a huge chisel did it all in one go right on this site?
Just some kind of mysticism? This is difficult to do even today.


At this point, there is a stone rock of granite everywhere.
And the hardness of this natural stone is known to all of us.
There are no traces of any equipment even for a kilometer.


There is no simple land around - it is a solid rock in the forest.
The production of gold in this place is impossible, it is not here.
This is the answer to what many say about the gold mill.


Take another look at this site in the forest and the mysterious circle.
More this place is suitable for carrying out some kind of rituals.
I think that our ancestors or the Scythians used the place for worship.
And what do you think, my friends, what could still be here?



As I wrote above under the photographs, there is such an interesting place in the Southern Urals, which is located far in the forest and it is not so easy to find it. We found him not so long ago using the coordinates given to us by the huntsmen. As I think, this place is sacred, and this ring was made, apparently, for some rituals related to the worldview and religion of the Scythians? This hypothesis is more appropriate than the others. Just look again at all the photographs where you can clearly see a large rock emerging from the Earth to the surface. This stone rock of granite was cut from above, as I think, like a piece of butter. And they made a perfectly flat platform, on which the ring was then made. The diameter of the ring (at a glance) is approximately three meters, and in the middle of the circle there is a square. It can be clearly seen in the second photo. Many people call this place the gold mill, where they were engaged in gold mining, processing the rock during gold mining. Someone calls this place Chudskaya Padya - why don't I know that? But the name Scythian circle is more appropriate, but this is my opinion. Why? I will answer. I surveyed many meters around, but nowhere did I find any dumps of waste rock, which will always be with gold mining. The fact that the place is mystical is felt by everyone who came here, and I am no exception. Here you feel some kind of energy around. As one scientist said, this place is already several millennia and this is more like the truth. This is confirmed by numerous finds in the mounds of the Scythians and Sarmatians. These are my thoughts about this place, where I have been today. Back home after a three day trip, I immediately decided to make this post. I have a lot of materials and photos, so soon there will be more posts about the nature and beauty of this region.

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-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

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