A terrible disease and entries from my diary on coronavirus. Part 4


It's a shame, but this is how it turned out - I didn't have to swim in the ice-hole today. Why? And, approximately, in the period from 14.00 hours. until 15.00 the condition worsened unrealistically quickly and I took to bed. There is no pessimism, of course, but there is definitely a problem with the breathing apparatus. A dry cough suffocates, a river flows from my nose - I constantly rinse with a solution of sea salt. Two hours later, the nasopharynx returned to normal. The temperature is still normal at 36.6. But the cough became even worse. I decided to go for a walk in the fresh air - especially since it is snowing now and they are threatening ... it will go until tomorrow morning. But going out into the street, I still thought that it is possible (or even necessary) to take a couple of buckets of cold water and take a dip in the yard. Nearby, one and the second neighbors are heating the baths - they called to the steam room. But I understand that this cannot be done. And the thought of pouring cold water on me no longer gave me peace. He walked around, warmed up a bit and went home. I decided to do everything in silence so that no one would see, otherwise they would start telling me about my health.


What is good about swimming in an ice hole and pouring cold water? A sudden cold blow to the body does wonders. Body temperature instantly soars to 40 degrees and just as instantly recovers to 36.6. This effect, which lasts only a fraction of a second, and burns all viruses and disease-causing bacteria inside the body. So I walked around, got sick and thought about how to do all this? That is, I was just tuning in to the fact that I needed it. And I must, then I will. The only thing I have to do is to cook everything, not before, but after the douche. Do - this put a robe on his naked body and threw himself out into the street and into the cold. And then - it is required to prepare a large terry towel in order to grind your viral body immediately after water procedures. And then - 30 grams of Tatar balsam, hot tea with herbs and honey. And that's all - then you can rest and take measurements in 30-40 minutes.


The mood has passed, I take measurements before dousing. So. The temperature is 36.7, but the pressure discouraged me! 188 to 105 ... I have never had this before in my life. I have never suffered from high blood pressure and here's a gift for you. Hmmm. This is what this bacterium means. Well, now I definitely and decisively go to fetch water and kick myself in the ass, so that I don't even think - to be, or not to be? Moreover, there is already so much snow on the street - whole snowdrifts. Tomorrow also the snow will have to be cleaned, but this is what I always like to do. Now I will see how my blood pressure will change after dousing? It even became interesting, I woke up with a passion for sports.


Well, what can I say, my friends? I went out and doused myself with ice water. The effect is like a bomb! It turns out that pouring water from buckets with water is much more difficult than plunging into an ice hole. Still, this method is just as beautiful. After dousing I ran into the house, the body was on fire and, as it were, pierces with needles. In about five minutes the heat went all over the body. This state is difficult to convey, you have to experience it yourself. I immediately measured the pressure, and ... it became even higher for me, having jumped 209 to 101 .. just tin! I'll see what it looks like in an hour. I think that it will normalize and return to normal, as it was before. Measurement of pressure after 30 minutes showed 178 to 102 - already better, it went down. And the temperature is 36.6 - everything is normal here. The cough didn’t go down at all, although it’s still a little tickle in the throat, but it’s fixable, as I think. I will drink more water and tea with herbs and honey. And now, an hour later, the pressure is 175 to 98, which is already much better. I went to bed, in the morning it will be clear how and what?



January 20, 2021 morning. Temperature 36.6, dry cough is gone, it became easier. There is still a small cough, but it is completely different. The pressure dropped a little, now it has slipped to the area of ​​165 to 85. Here is the indicator of pouring cold water. Something I am pondering now, although I have never been a supporter of Ivanov. Remember this one? The sense of smell, in the sense of my scent, has not yet appeared, although the taste buds work perfectly. I distinguish salty and sweet well. And I remembered an anecdote about a bad scent. Maybe someone knows him? One woman had a very odorous sweat ... and all she could not find a man for herself. And then her friend found a guy who has no sense of smell completely. They met, sat there - had supper, and the man once ... and to the window. She asks him: "What stinks?" And he replies: "No, does something just hurt your eyes?" Or maybe even then the coronavirus was walking around the country? And we didn't know that.


And a small digression from the topic. Yesterday my wife's blood pressure rose and she refused to drink coffee. I tried to explain to her that coffee (natural, of course) evens out the pressure. It doesn't matter if it's high or low. I believed it, but before drinking, I offered to take a measurement (before and after). We drank coffee. What happened next surprised her. The pressure is back to normal. Therefore, everything that says negative about this wonderful drink is a lie. With this example, you can really be convinced that coffee regulates pressure.

Photos to the topic of this post have nothing to do with it. These are just beautiful photographs about our amazing nature of the Southern Urals in Russia and Beauty, where mainly the genre is Landscape and Winter. Well, since Beauty is the basis of any creativity, it means that here photos are perfect to admire when reading this post (even about such a terrible disease as coronavirus). Although these are just my entries from the diary, which I kept as soon as I fell ill with Covid-19.

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