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Good afternoon to all the beautiful people of this community. Each initiative is as interesting and nutritious as the other. I would like to invite my friends @brujita18, @tere.alv and @chacald.dcymt to participate in this beautiful theme. Remembering is living! And through our old photographs we revive many wonderful things. This is the link for the topic of the month:

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One of the things I miss most about my childhood and youth is all the hubbub that reigned in the big house when Christmas came. Those who studied outside the city were beginning to arrive, and the whole family was getting together. Despite the fact that my mother and I moved to another house, family celebrations were always held at my uncle's house, especially Christmas.

My aunt had a knack for organizing everything from the decoration to the menu for each celebration and the whole family did her part. The warmth of home really prevailed and I can assure you that there were no more beautiful moments than those. Making hallacas, milky sweet, and pork, were characteristic odors of the time and flooded the corners of the house. What wonderful things are experienced at Christmas!

I consider reviewing photos of memories to be reliving beautiful things, especially those from childhood. It is to evoke unique moments, and anecdotes that will remain forever in our hearts. Every Christmas Eve, and every New Year, we took a picture with the whole family. My family was not very big, in this photo only my father is missing, who by that time was divorced from my mother, and who took the photo was my cousin's husband.


Source: My personal file

Standing left to right are: The patriarch (my uncle RIP), me, my older cousin who died 3 months ago, my mother (RIP), my older cousin, and my younger cousin carrying my cousin's son.

Seated from left to right are: My younger cousin, my middle cousin and the only one married at the time, her little daughter, and the matriarch (my aunt RIP).

It is sad to see that several people in that photo have already gone to heaven, including my father, although he is not in that image. I keep this memory as one of the most precious treasures.

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For my aunt, birthdays should never go under the table, that was a popular saying or phrase that referred to the fact that they could not stay without celebrating, and whether it was a small cake or a dinner, something had to be done to celebrate the birthday boys We grew up with that formation and for all of us it was a great event on the birthday of each member, we would go to bed with breakfast, balloons, and at night the big cake and dinner, and if you could spend a little more, it was done a meeting between friends.

This photo brings back nice memories because it was in the month of August and I was on school vacation. I went with my aunt to spend a few days in Caracas, where they had an apartment. Three of her children who were studying in the capital lived there. It was my younger cousin's birthday, August 25, and my aunt made him dinner and her cake. We celebrate in the simplest way, we talk all night, we tell funny anecdotes, we really had a great time.


Source: My personal file

In this photo they appear from left to right standing: My older cousin who has already died, my aunt who also died, and me. Seated are my younger cousin, Alfredo, the birthday boy, and next to him is his girlfriend. The photo was taken by my younger cousin. We were the only ones in the family who were in Caracas at that time, and even so, we did not stop celebrating such an important date as the birthday of one of the family members.

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Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you like my count of souvenir photos. Happy day for everyone.



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