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The term "Generousity" Stand for give alms to others freely and wholeheartedly. Its a good virtue but many people are selfish and they think about themselves "first". Giving out alms should be the tenet of all religious organisations of the world. There are two main characters that are mostly generous and how we can learn from them.

Jehovah God, is the most generous person. He gives out freely to humans. He satisfy every living things with good presents all the time and its freely. He gave us life and it does not cost us anything to be alive. He planted us on the planet Earth and equipp it fully with wonderful resources for our sustainace. Resources are enough for us all and we live on it daily. Such resources includes oxygen, water, foods, sunlight etc. Without his provision and protection, it will be difficult, if possible to be alive. There are many good examples of people that God uplighted and received.

Another person is Jesus Chirst, He was a perfect being in heavens but gave it out in order to put humanly body to save us all. He sacrifices a lot and was nailed because of his love for us all. Jesus loves the poor and gives out to them. When it was only two fishes and five loaves, Jesus blessed it and shared to another willingfully. He healed the sick and play with the kids too.

Although, the two mentioned above are perfect being unlike others.

Today, its a day for engaging with others and receive awards. I was able to achieve one task.

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I'm happy to hunting Day.

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