🗣 Shoutouts + Word of the day - cup-of-pistol-packing-traffic-mama

🗣 Shoutouts 👏

It is been long since i have done some shoutouts.
So let's do some shoutouts to some of the awesome projects.

🤠 LukeisAlive

Hello and welcome to listopia, northern pass.
Today we have only 2 occupants
cupoftraffic and pistol-packing-mama

Today's hunt was very straight forward. I finished it easily by jumping back and forth between them.

Ok, let me lay it out.

start of the scavenger hunt

Step 1. Cupoftraffic [surfed 48 pages]

Step 2. Pistol-packing-mama [surfed 44 pages]

Step 3. Cupoftraffic [surfed 48 more pages]

Step 4. Pistol-packing-mama [surfed 44 more pages]

Step 5. Cupoftraffic [surfed 96 more pages as i missed lukethelistbuilder once]

end of scavenger hunt

Also collected a new shiny CTP badge.

That all folks!

Do you want to know about LukeisAlive contest?
👉 Click me to visit the community.📌

see ya tomorrow

Farhad Kias

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