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Oh wow! It's the weekend again for most folks. Me, I still have work tomorrow, but I wind down a bit tonight, as the eve is almost always more fun. I think it's the anticipation that gets me. LOL! 😂🤣

I previously mentioned about the exchange gift with my daughter. I just asked for two of these small mason jars. It's for my overnight oats that I have for breakfast once in a while. I used to have a recycled bottle for that. It's been more than a year since I started using it. Now, I change to something new. They're smaller and have a handle, like a mug.


My hot drink in the morning is hot chocolate with lungo coffee capsule from my dolce gusto coffee machine. That helps wake me up in the day. LOL! If I need it, I'll have a second cup of coffee in the afternoon. Sometimes, I forego having that second cup. What's your fave morning drink?

Onwards to my #LarryIsAlive quest...



Daily and weekly goals achieved ☑️See I finished the weekly one a day before the deadline. LOL! Monthly is still far off, but we'll get there. Slow and steady wins the race.



I've completed another surf and convert day on LL. It has been my top priority since the beginning. I hope to reach the cash out limit soon.



Today I'm done with my daily surf on TAB. Some days I get to do my tasks faster. I think it's my Friday mood. LOL!



Onwards on FAFY even after I have reached 1K reward points. I do login daily for the bonus at the end of the 30 days. That's really something to look forward to.


Friday remains to be a fave day for me. Somehow I just feel more relaxed. I guess it's all in the mind. Perhaps I can apply the same strategy to the rest of the weekdays so I get the same result. LOL! For now, I dream of working only five days a week. The thing with two day offs is that you can rest on one day and be more productive with chores on the next. For now, I get by. I do outsource general cleaning (and now gardening) once a month. It's my coping mechanism to catch up with whatever tasks get left behind.


I'm wrapping this up now and moving to my next task. See you on my next #LarryIsAlive post. Good night from Manila! Ciao! Enjoy your weekend

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