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We made it to another Thursday! Weeee... 🎉🎉 That means it's almost the weekend again.

Our escapade last week ended with dinner at the neighborhood mall before we headed home. Since I was feeling stuffed, I decided to go for a light meal -- kani salad at Pepper Lunch. Yum! My daughter had a hearty dinner though. LOL!


Another month is ending in five days. How time flies indeed! Are you closer to your 2023 goals? I believe I have a long way to go...

Onwards to my #LarryIsAlive quest...



Daily goal achieved ☑️ I'm nearing completion of the weekly goal as well. Look monthly goal at 75% too. Reaching 5K CTP tokens staked on LN entitled me to an airdrop of another 5K, but it's locked for the next ten weeks.



Daily surf and convert has been done on LL. Now, I try to surf a little more than just 50 credits a day so I'll have some leftover for the next day. That will make it easier to catch up in case I need to do some offline activities again.



Daily surf done on TAB today! Just love it when I get to complete it earlier. It's salmon night once more, but daughter volunteered to do her salmon fried rice. I just need to prep the salmon and make the sauce.



Monthly goal achieved on FAFY. Still some 18 days to go to complete the daily login bonus though.


Whew! We're almost at the weekend again. I'm truly thankful for that. It's a bit of rest this coming weekend too. Kitchen project isn't scheduled till first Sunday in March. Stay tuned.


Even when my work is until Saturday, I usually switch to weekend mode on Friday nights. I guess you could say it's out of habit. Well, we're planning to go to the salon after work on Saturday. I'll update on that. I do plan to get that haircut. I believe it's been some months since I had one. For now, it's time to wrap up. See you on my next #LarryIsAlive post. Nighty night from Manila. Ciao!

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