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Time of the week to be thankful! Oh yes, I'm thankful for these kitties for their company. It does make each day without Mom less sad. I remember a discussion with an online friend before. He said he wouldn't mind being reincarnated as a well-loved, domesticated cat. Looking at these sleeping kitties, I'm green with envy.

tale of three sleeping kitties.jpg

The sleeping kitties are Nian, Grumpy, and Xin. To give a bit of background, Grumpy is one of the outdoor cats. She was born and has spent most of her time outdoors. Last year, she had a successful litter batch in Xin, Nian, Kuai, and Le. The latter kitties were adopted inside the flat when we lost Nian for a day. Thankfully, she was found the day after in the adjacent building and was rescued by my daughter. That was a year ago. They have now been indoors for a year. Grumpy just started coming into the flat a few months back. I think she got sad when Midnight passed on earlier this year. They were best friends.

sleeping kitties.jpg

Grumpy has found a sleeping area that she likes, so I guess that's one reason she likes being indoors now. Plus, she won't be sad 'coz she can spend time with her now grown kittens. She also has a new friend in Bruno (not in photo). Bruno is Mowe's youngest kitty, Midnight's sibling. Nice, huh?

That's my awwwww moment today. I love watching these kitties sleep. Their adorable poses make me smile (and sometimes laugh out loud).



Daily goal achieved; weekly now at 75%; monthly inching slowly at 66%. There are days, and then, there are days! LOL! Tomorrow is another day. I'll try harder tomorrow.



Daily surf goal on LL has been completed. I'm at 25% of my target. #justkeepgoing



Daily surf on TAB has been completed too. My target now is to exceed last month's stat. It's at 254K points. I'll probably bring it up a little bit.



Yipee, I'm on the 1K club on FAFY. I'm still gathering points daily, but I can chill when I'm on this site. Found only two of the three prized pages on the block ad clicks. I keep missing out on one. I need to practice more in terms of guessing correctly. LOL!


This is my current mood...


You know I love the weekends, and I'm somehow more energized in anticipation of it. LOL! All righty, I'm now off to prep kitty dinner. My daughter says she's cooking her salmon experiment tonight. I'll let you know more about it tomorrow. Till then... ta-tah!

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