Hunting Luke: Session 78

Hello there. How are you all, surfers! Hope that you are surfing thousands of pages in the traffic exchange sites. In the process, you are getting visitors to your programmes.

In 2011-12, I was very active in various TE sites. I used to surf thousands of pages. Later, stopped all. Now, again surfing in traffic exchange sites only to hunt Luke.

Let us hunt him again, from the Scavenger hunt feature of the ClickTrackProfit website.

Today, we had two traffic exchange sites; cupoftraffic and Pistol-Packing-Mama. I found him thrice in the cupoftraffic and twice in the Pistol-Packing-Mama. Here are the proof ⬇️


What about you?
Did you hunt him today?

I want you to come and join our tribe/community! ⤵👇

Here is a total guideline

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