Larry tries to figure out 2 quadrillions of dollars of derivatives - Larry is live contest #251 - March 19 2023

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These are not financial advice and the character Roberto brings my ideas and not those of someone else to whom it may seem inspired.

Especially before investing, do your research and don’t listen to any guru or anyone who boasts of representing the absolute truth.

Hi Alivers and Hivers near and far,

Our friend Larry has had a very bad night in white. He can not extricate himself in a numerical enterprise really the most difficult in the world. Last night he found out that the total amount of the derivatives bubble in the world amounts to 2 quadrillions of dollars.

Said so it seemed easy to understand and thought that there were two thousand billion but then looking on Google has realized that in reality are 2 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 $.

Incredible is a figure that define enormously monstrous is little and maybe not even extra galactic si can find an adjective that can represent that.


Perhaps, among Listenerds' friends, someone can help him dispel his eagerness to understand what we are referring to.

Today, when he arrives at a new bar, the Millennials bar, he has met a mysterious character he meets every now and then but he is not from the area and comes here every now and then and he says his name is ChiossachiÈ (which translates into Neapolitan: Who knows who is).

The mysterious friend willingly agrees to keep him company in his daily missions.

After delivering all his correspondence to his clients and having read Larry, he sets out on his daily work itinerary.

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After delivering the mail in the futuristic world of Listenerds land together at the maritime district of free advertising for you.

Larry hints at his dilemma today, but Roberto tells him: "Look, you know, this is the biggest threat to global financial markets and tells him not to play dumb".

Apparently Roberto every year seems to warn the world that the global financial system can not stand and that can explode in a colossal big bang that defines economic catastrophe is little and says that these are not things that can be compared to 1929 but must be traced back to the Middle Ages to find similar disasters maybe at the age of Kingdom of French and high finance guru John Law.

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From word to word our friends meet in front of the bars of "Traffic ad bar" in Piazza del Gesù in front of the wonderful spire of the Immaculate. They are appalled by the devastation caused by the clashes between the ultras of Eintracht Frankfurt with the police in riot gear.

Roberto asks Larry but what these fools wanted to do that defining fans is pure bestiality towards the sport. Larry explains to Roberto that they are said to have a plan to get to Diego Armando Maradona’s mural.

Our friend Roberto then freezes his back when he understands the crazy plan fed by dark alliances between the ultras of Bergamo and the fans all dressed in black from head to toe Germans. But they are fools do not realize that in that area even Nazi troops during World War II were put on the run. Surely it was a plan to destabilize the politician Italy using the weapon of typhus Ultras. When economic crises reach their peak there is no manifestation that is not politically polluted.

La Spaccanapoli is a symbolic place of Neapolitan culture should not be allowed to be put in place such a diabolical plan reached a few hundred meters from its realization.

"Hey dear Roberto, do you have any big tips for me?" Larry loves Soccer, but now, no longer gives him all that enthusiasm of the past, having completely disappeared the charm of the unexpected that there was until the era of pay-TV.

Roberto then said sorry take me to a beautiful place that I don’t know yet and maybe I’ll open and release you a spaceship that will send you to the moon.

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(Guglia dell'immacolata in Piazza del Gesù)

Then Larry accompanies him to the neighborhood of Infinity traffic boost as much in Naples a place is worth another and the places are all beautiful and knows that his friend will open anyway.

(Image of the Zeppola di San Giuseppe double fried)

Unfortunately they find them a very good pastry where Roberto consumes a succulent "Zeppola di San Giuseppe" and not content, before the classic Neapolitan coffee order a Neapolitan Graffes with cream.

Larry looks that I did not mean to know a caloric bomb but a financial tip of some value appreciating enormously the unexpected pun of his friend from Japan. In fact, by bomb in Naples means the Graffes with cream or Nutella.

Here Robert and Larry deliver 10 e-mails and prepare to cross the threshold of the last neighborhood.

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Arriving at the last district, that of Leads Leap, Larry puts Roberto in front of the most beautiful and characteristic view of Naples in which even popular neighborhoods are transformed into an enchanting panorama.

Roberto does to Larry you know that this time you really hit me now but keep still that the recoil of the shot could be strong.

The infamous Crédit Suisse is a systemic bank and cannot fail. It must be rescued somehow but... This time we are dealing with a bank "Too big for being saved". I wonder if the system will be able to withstand the mammoth and apocalyptic coup de grace.

Great Roberto but how will you save the world from a bubble of derivatives that amounts to a thousand billion Italian GDP??

Roberto is stunned by how Larry managed to represent the sum of derivatives worldwide in fact the GDP of Italy is 2 trillion mutilated multiplicated for a thousand billion makes just 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Well you know Larry could cover bank bills by guaranteeing with a new CDBC central currency that they would declare covered by art 1:1 in short, a kind of financial magic engineered by very capable minds.

At this point our friends greeted each other as Larry proceeded to deliver the last 25 letters he had left and performed his end-of-shift routine duties.

Capable of what only they know or we don’t know what they’re not capable of. Would you trust the asset-backed CDBC? Would you still believe them?

I greet you and give you an appointment to the next series of Larry is ALIVE with his friends.


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