Larry's tour between the Cryptomarket rides and AI - #236th Larry is alive contest

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Hi Alivers and Hivers near and far,

Larry this morning got up with his usual feeling of being late while there were still 90 Minniti left to come down and start his shift.

She felt something in the air again but couldn’t explain what and started preparing breakfast and getting ready to go out.

Taken public transport to go to work finally understands what his feelings were. The sky was blue and the sun made it clear that the spring season had started early.


Upon arriving in Listenerds, Larry meets a guru of world high finance who explains the situation in a poetic language that fascinates Larry.

He said that a bit like in the crypto market we are experiencing a period in which there are spring advances in the cryptomarket after a long and difficult winter period where bears ran unopposed, far and wide, in the financial kingdom.

In fact, fueled by the technological titles of cryptocurrencies linked to artificial intelligence, the euphoria for the world of blockchain has returned and there was a month of January in which the market spread like wildfire.

But, explained the great santon of finance, as in spring there is a risk that winter will return because the cold is always lurking so in the crypto-Spring there is a risk that fear will return as the big crises that led to the collapse of the crypto financial market are always fueled by the fire of the FUD.

Since Larry no longer liked the speech, he proposed to the guru to eat a nice Neapolitan puff pastry to soften the arguments and close the mouth of that prophet of misfortune.

The world of speculative finance is so it does not want to see what it has in front of its eyes and is always optimistic in betting on what it believes. This may sound wrong, but pragmatic optimism is also what gets us out of the worst situations. Of course you have to study well your steps to do that resources are limited. Meanwhile we keep an eye on #ALI, #AGIX, #FET, #OCEAN, #NMR and #GRT

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Arriving in the neighborhood of "Free Advertising for you", Larry met an old acquaintance. David IToldYou is a rich financial market enthusiast whose age is unknown in the city, one of the many mysteries of Naples not yet revealed.

Larry, despite being late today and at risk of doing many hours of overtime, could not hold back his economic and financial curiosity of strategic geopolitics and asked him about the recent Pump on the financial markets. Maybe he had some insight into his own.

David looked at Larry with the scornful and ironic grin of the one who expected that question and told him, "Vultures smell easy money. You know, Larry, the last tightening lasted less than a hummingbird flap. How long will the government be able to resist before starting to reactivate the presses? The drama has already lasted long enough."

Larry shaken by that answer did not lose heart and the obvious question to David was: "So what should we do?"
David was surprised that Larry hadn’t figured it out yet and said, "as you walk through the streets of this lost and proud city of the glorious past try to find the answer you already have in the capabilities of your intellect but if you just can’t ask our friend at the last stop"

Here he delivery 15 "1K Club banner ad" clicks.

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Larry at this point handled everything much faster than usual and passed in the neighborhood "Traffic ad bar" met another software guru, of investigative journalism and of all in general return from a long journey on a tropical island where he has long been on vacation in the midst of nature and living in semi wild conditions because so the head told him.

Sam Postapocal was delighted to see the great Larry to whom he had numerous inferiority complexes. In fact, Sam despite being richer, more enterprising and more popular than Larry had not yet found the epicural happiness of our mythical postman hero integerrimo Neapolitan gem.

Sam, confusing Larry, was he the one who asked a thousand-gun question: "Larry, don’t you fear technology and artificial intelligence? Don’t you think you’re being undermined by a bunch of photons?".
Larry, who hoped that fate had put him in front of the right person, and slightly pleasantly irritated by the question point-blank, replied: "Sam if man were not able to overcome the challenge he would deserve to succumb, for so many years the natural intelligence of man was going to fade letting the Idiocracy begin to triumph"

Sam, pleasantly surprised to have been able to hit Larry in pride has increased the dose by saying: "But are you sure of what you say?".

Larry knows that Sam is a tough guy and could keep him talking even months he immediately takes out the knock: "The man so far has fought many challenges winning as many now has a new challenge against machines that will raise the level of competition monstrously. Artificial intelligence will force man to develop natural intelligence instead of competing to continue to compete among real deficiencies".

Once back to work Larry delivery does a great job and has reached 30 websites and gets 7 hit.
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Liquidated Sam who was stuck thinking for those seconds enough not to notice that Larry had greeted him, our dear friend Larry arrives at the neighborhood of "Infinity traffic boost" Here he waits to recover some time while wondering what the old IToldYou had meant by looking in the mind, in the pockets and in the bag where he was the answer that the expert financier talked about.

In fact, he thought that he had written it in a piece of paper and put it somewhere because they had a long-standing friendship and he knew that he was a good-natured guy and you could expect a little bit of everything from him. Convinced that he had been screwed, Larry delivers his 10 e-mails and prepares to cross the threshold of the last neighborhood.

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In the upper district of "Leads Leap" Larry has delivered 22 emails frantically to the frantic search for the answer and having found nothing he decides to go for a pizza at the restaurant "La Caraffa" in the nearby neighborhood of Vomero. It was already a restaurant where Larry and David consumed the mega pizzas Vesuvius topped with countless ingredients and the cornice enriched with a tasty ricotta filling. The apotheosis of Neapolitan pizza.

Larry ate a huge one, the most expensive one, and took a famous English lager beer and as he lifted his mug he could see out the window in the store opposite the inscription "Pioneer Hive Crypto Hunters". A shop that David had recently opened in the Vomero district, where the richest and wealthiest customers of the city live.

The owner of the pizzeria had become the famous Neapolitan banker, Edoardo La Paghetta, friend of Larry who found at the checkout with the receipt in hand of his consumption. Larry then satisfied and satisfied to have understood the answer I greet his friend and the latter asked: "Larry how would you pay me?"

I greet you and let you decide instead of Larry what kind of coin to use.


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