HIVE OPEN MIC Week90 | Stefanovah - The Anthem (cover)

Happy new year guys, I'm glad y'all were part of my 2021 and delighted to continue in this community in 2022....... I implore you to please pardon my mistakes in my entry this week, my voice has been really cracked due to the cold weather and serious air pollution with black soot in the city i reside.

I did a song that has been my one of my favourites since 2019 when I heard the version by one of my biggest role models in music Todd Dulaney. It was originally composed by the band PlanetShakers and has truly become an anthem for many who share the belief in Jesus the as the Christ.

    By his stripes we are healed

By his nail pierced hands we’re free
By his blood, we’re washed clean
Now we have the victory.

The power of sin is broken,
Jesus overcame it all,
He has won our freedom,
Jesus has won it all,


You have won the victory
You have won it all for me

Death could not hold you down
You are the risen king
Seated in majesty
You are the risen king

our god is risen,he is alive
he won the victory, he reigns on high

Here's the version I did last easter....... Despite being a cover, it's my first studio recording and the first time I was bold enough to put something out there presenting myself as a musical artist. It's one thing i'm glad I did in 2021

Thanks for your support and a happy new year once again.

oh!..... and a big thanks to @benii for her vocal support in the above video. I appreciate you and your wonderful voice dear

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