HIVE OPENMIC Week 68 | Melukis Senja (cover) Keroncong Version

Hello everyone

Being a part of the best music contest in the world makes me proud to be able to enter it. Lots of great musicians are involved in this contest.

The great idea that @cabelindsay has as the organizer of this contest deserves appreciation, I salute you.

I really thank my friend @ylich for all the comments on all my music posts, and Mr @uwelang they are great musicians and passionate about producing his work on this platform, thanks also to @ocd team for all your curation support to everyone my post.
I'm sure God is with you all...

Here's the song that I packed with the original KERONCONG acoustic music arrangement, this music is played with ukulele and bass guitar instruments

A song with the title MELUKIS SENJA hope you enjoy this video comfortably.

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