Hive Open Mic, week 72, Simple Pretty Melody

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Achieving global harmony through music is the goal this week at Hive Open Mic! If you’ve seen the announcement before, you know that it’s a pressure-free invitation to join that harmony through a song composed by @cabelindsay. We can find the printable music sheet with the chords and lyrics, also an MP3 music file.

If you are a singer you can listen to the music file that he shared and sing along acapella. Or you can accompany yourself with an instrument and sing it in your style. If you play an instrument, you can play the melody, or make your own cover. Be creative and bring your style. The lyric is repeated 10 times.


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Since we have ten stanzas, I tried to play each stanza in a different way. I started only with the chords, then with the melody, then I changed the register and the accompaniment. In some stanzas, I played in the right hand different passages. At the end of the song, I have chosen to play again calmer chords. While I was playing, I was listening to the music file from Cabe.

In my YouTube video, I added the guitar and percussion accompaniment, however, I will send as well just the piano part, so Cabe can choose what suits him better to layer multiple tracks together.

The English version of the invitation can be seen here

The Spanish version of the invitation can be seen here

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