Hive Open Mic week 59 - In the Mood

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Are there coincidences in life or does everything happen as it really should be? Probably no one knows the right answer and there is not just one angle from which we can observe things. But coincidence or not, a cool thing happened a few days ago:

When the weekly theme for Hive Open Mic is “Good Vibe” and you walk past a shop window and see the artwork with that inscription, you can probably think, what a coincidence. You grab your phone and take a photo, although it is not the best angle because of the reflections. But anyway, you have that good vibe thinking that will not let you miss this week's entry for the live music scene.

I know, it is already Saturday, but the whole week was busy so today I made time for this recording of a song with the title In the Mood! Nothing better to represent my mood of yesterday! Had a busy schedule, however full of energy and good vibes as I practised for some hours the piano, had lessons and a rehearsal. A full day of music, what best to ask for?!

I stayed awake very late last night and got up early today in the morning so I have under eyes, sorry. With barely a couple of hours of sleep, today I am in a similar energetic phase, for now. The song In the Mood arrives, which was actually an arrangement by Joe Garland based on an existing melody. It was recorded by Glenn Miller in 1939, and it was admitted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1983.

Thank you @mae1501 for this excellent topic, the week was super entertaining with all the great participations. As a small addition, here comes a collage of some more photos from the same shop window, all some nice and good vibed artworks. Hope they can be seen.

hive open mic 59 collage.jpg