Hive open mic week #185 // Too faithful cover by @mamab

Hello music lovers, here we are moving in the last days in the month of October. Time is really beeping fast. Well, thank God for life and courage to face the edition of this week with the theme: passion. A big thanks to the community's recent spotlight artist @utymarvel for choosing the beautiful theme.

I will like to share with you on the passion God has towards His children and what concerns them. This is why I am doing a song titled "Too faithful" by Moses Bliss. The artist is actually a good, young, calm and passionate gospel music minister who is fast rising to the peak of his music career.

The song "Too faithful" points God out to be who He is. He has never changed and will never change not to talk of failing. As you see Him yesterday, so He remains today and forever. Has He ever promised to do something for you? Hold on because He is faithful to the end. He does exactly what He said He will do.

God is very passionate about me, He has shown consistency and commitment in all His ways. He will not lead me on a road and leave me alone in the middle. Whatever He put His hand to do, He does to the last bus stop. Thank God for proving His faithfulness even when I display faithlessness.

Let's celebrate the passion of God together as we sing the song.
Thank you.

You are who You are yesterday
Today and forever more
What You say is what You do
You never fail, You never change
You are faithful till the end
Faithful God, I worship you
I worship you
You're too faithful to fail me
You're too faithful to disappoint me
You've proven Yourself in my life
And I've come to realize
You're too faithful to fail me

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