Hive openmic week 68 (Conciencia ecológica) || "Mother" Blind melon cover

Another week full of wonderful music!!

Otra semana llena de maravillosa música!!

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First of all, a warm greeting to the entire Hive community! especially @cabelindsay, @mipiano and other participants of this wonderful event such as #openmic!

Antes que nada un cordial saludo a toda la comunidad de Hive! en especial a @cabelindsay, @mipiano y demás participantes de este maravilloso evento como lo es #openmic!

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Hello Hive Open Mic family, A fraternal hug to all, This week the chosen theme was "Ecological Conscience" and I decided to perform this song called "Mother" in homage to our mother earth. From the first time I heard this song I liked it a lot and this week's theme has seemed the ideal reason to share it with all of you. Ecological awareness is surely a relevant topic, I personally believe that being ecologically conscious is being empathic with the environment, it is remembering that in nature, balance is reigning, and unfortunately the modern lifestyle of human beings, the industrialization of The economy, the growth of cities and the increasing dependence that we have on the use of technology, takes us away from that balance, I believe that as individuals, we have the capacity (and the moral obligation) to each do our bit of Sand, for my part, I am one of those who carry the wrapper of what I ate on the street in my pockets or in my backpack until I find a suitable place to throw it away, it may not be much, but if we all add a little effort , We can make a big difference! Greetings and blessings to the entire Hive open mic family! I hope you like my participation!

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Hola familia de Hive Open Mic, Un fraternal abrazo a todos, Esta semana el tema escogido fué "Conciencia ecológica" y decidí interpretar esta canción llamada "Madre" en homenaje a nuestra madre tierra. Desde la primera vez que escuché esta canción me gustó mucho y el tema de esta semana me ha parecido el motivo ideal para compartirla con todos ustedes. La conciencia ecológica es seguramente un tema relevante, personalmente creo que tener conciencia ecológica es ser empático con el medio ambiente, es recordar que en la naturaleza, el equilibrio es reinante, y lamentablemente el estilo de vida moderno de los seres humanos, la industrialización de la economía, el crecimiento de las ciudades y la dependencia cada vez más grande que tenemos del uso de la tecnología, nos aleja de ese equilibrio, creo que como individuos, tenemos la capacidad (y la obligación moral) de poner cada uno nuestro granito de arena, yo por mi parte, soy de los que llevo la envoltura de lo que me comí en la calle en mis bolsillos o en mi mochila hasta que consigo un lugar adecuado para botarla, quizá no sea mucho, pero si todos sumamos un pequeño esfuerzo, ¡podemos hacer una diferencia grande!. Saludos y bendiciones para toda la familia de Hive open mic! espero que les guste mi participación!

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"Mother" Blind melon cover



"The skies have darkened
And the seas have dried.
Your honest ways have turned to lies.
Your hands of promise
Turned to hands of pain.
You take for granted the life that God create
The life that God created.
The frost and flowers
Mother gave to you,
The muffled whispers bleeding true.
And it doesn't matter how
What kind of eyes your looking through.
Do you see our Mother's dying?
Here's a picture for you.
I wanna paint this picture for you!
With every black choking for breath
And every inch closer to death.
Her hands are held out for you.
You said the reasons
We're in the cities that we all made
Was that we rage our poor Mother.
Poor Mother.
Poor Mother.
Now that she's leaving
And she's thrown off all that she gave,
We dig the grave
Of our poor Mother!
The grass ain't growing
In my front yard, no.
Poor Mother.
Poor Mother.
Poor Mother.

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