Hive Open Mic Week #68 "Ragam" | Cover by @ipul27

Hallo there! _ nice to see you guys again on Hive Open Mic Week #68

In order to participate in this week's contest, with the theme Ecological Awareness, I've decided to sing a song from a local music group in my city with the title "Ragam". Ragam means variety. In this case is according to the various damage to nature caused by human ignorance and greed.

On the other hand, this song is a form of protest against the large amount of natural damage that has occurred, especially the forest which has begun to be deforested due to illegal logging and burning by unscrupulous people.

And you know what guys? this song is a mix of pop and rap (Hip-Hop). _ this is my first time singing a rap song. I know it's still not perfect, but I keep trying to challenge myself to sing songs of different genres and keep improving the way I sing. And I hope you guys enjoying it _


Song by: Dasi Kupu-Kupu

what the truth means?
Any falsehood on many faces
Also lies spread
A new era has begun

Sculpting images in the media
Sharing heaven on earth
Hoard wealth
Forgot the real world (reality)

forest burned and sold
And the sea is silent watching the annihilation

Word received
Swallowed without being digested
Regret there is no cure (in vain)
Refuse to forget

Lost and only left a name
Has died persecuted
Where is the witness?
And who is the mastermind (the culprit)?

Humans are starting to dare to erode the sky
Right and wrong are fading, the land is narrowed

Sweat dripping down their faces, because they worked hard
But you're slamming the price, and destroying them

Who knows? the others are cool to make mistakes
Who knows? maybe some even worship the world

Because the mountain is high, therefore it must be climbed
Instead of washing your name because you have a mountain of mistakes

Hope you guys loved it, and see you on the next challenge. Have an awesome day!

Love and Peace @ipul27 ✌🏻_

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