Hive Open Mic Week 126 - Kerja Bakti From Marjinal (Cover by IndonesiaBersatu)

Hello brothers and sisters, We are Indonesia Bersatu, a punk rock band from Medan, Indonesia. We are here again to entertain you and also share the music video that we played in the Hive #OpenMic community which has entered its 126th week. So, this week's theme is "Trusting in the Process" which has been chosen by spotlight artist @artmedina. This is the theme which is good and very interesting because the process is the way to achieve the goal. Without the process, we will never know the essence of the struggle that we will achieve. All goals must go through a process to achieve them.

In this theme, the two of us will perform a song entitled “Kerja Bakti” in English “Communal Work”. This song was composed by a punk rock band from Jakarta, namely "Marjinal". This song gives a message to us that Communal Work is so important. Why? Because this can create community solidarity, build friendships, and create a clean environment. Communal work is a process where we learn to cooperate selflessly. This means that in Communal Work no one gives a salary and no one gets a salary.

Where I live, Communal Work is usually done every Sunday. Every community collects and works together to create a healthy and clean environment for the common good. The men cleaned the sewers and picked up the scattered garbage. The women cook cakes, prepare coffee and also cigarettes. There is no higher or lower position. Communal Work is equality and togetherness in creating a clean and healthy world for all.

Song Lyrics in Indonesian

“Bangun pagi-pagi ikut kerja bakti
Ketawa-ketiwi bersama bernyanyi
Tentang indahnya negeri
Bila ada semangat kebersamaan
Songsonglah pagi dengan segar kembali
Raih dan bangun kreasi dengan kerja bakti

Ambil sapu lidi mulailah bersih-bersih
Pungutin kotoran yang berserakan
Bakar, hingga terang
Sehat untuk kita dan semua

Songsonglah pagi dengan segar kembali
Raih dan bangun kreasi dengan kerja bakti

Kerja bakti, bersama berkreasi
Kerja bakti, bersosialisasi
Kerja bakti, bangun silaturahmi
Kerja bakti, bersama kopi, rokok, plus ubi

Asyiknya kerja bakti, bersama berkreasi
Asyiknya kerja bakti, bersosialisasi
Asyiknya kerja bakti, bangun silaturahmi
Asyiknya kerja bakti, ada kopi, rokok, plus ubi”

English Translation Lyrics

"Wake up early to do community service
Laughing together singing
About the beauty of the country
When there is a spirit of togetherness
Song the morning refreshed
Reach and build creativity with dedication

Take a broomstick and start cleaning
Pick up the scattered dirt
Burn until light
Healthy for us and all

Song the morning refreshed
Reach and build creativity with dedication

Communal Work, and creativity together
Communal Work, socializing
Communal Work, building friendship
Communal Work, with coffee, cigarettes, plus sweet potatoes

It's fun of Communal Work, and being creative together
It's fun of Communal Work, socializing
It's fun of Communal Work, build a relationship
It's fun of Communal Work, there is coffee, cigarettes, plus sweet potatoes"

Lyric Source by Lirik Id

The place where we recorded this video at our friend's music studio named Mita, which is located on Jl. Setia Budi, Medan City, Indonesia. We recorded it using a Cannon brand mirrorless camera. For the sound produced, I edited using Adobe Audition CC to reduce noise in the sound recording, and the final process of editing the video was using Adobe Premiere Pro CC software. That's all we can say, hope you like it and thank you. Peace to all of us.

Below is the original video of their song

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