Hive Open Mic 48 ~ "Feel" (Original Song)


Hey beautiful humans.

Here is my entry to the Hive Open Mic 'Happiness' theme for week 48.

I wrote this song in December 2020. It was inspired by Rainbow Gatherings all around the world and the beautiful, uplifting music that the events share and create.

Following the UK's announcement to return to full lockdown after New Year 2021, many of my friends and family were feeling really deflated that this was happening again.
Many of my friends and family were feeling disheartened at the prospect of being locked down again and not knowing when it was going to be lifted. I too was feeling the strain this time around which was why I decided to share a recording of this song on Facebook to cheer my friends and family up.

They enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy it too.


Feel the wind blow on your face,
Feel the earth between your toes.
You're a droplet on the ocean,
A humble petal on a rose.

You're the starlight in the universe,
You're the light that shines on through.
You're the magic keeping worlds alive,
You just keep on being you.


I realize in the video I say 'contest', oops. Unfortunately, I am an old-school steem veteran and I used to dream of entering the old open mic contests back in the day. So my nerves mumbled that out. I realize this is a community event and I think that makes it all the more special.

I am glad to be taking myself out of my comfort zone to share my music. I'm pretty shy about performing my own songs. It took me two years to share my first song on Facebook and Instagram, so this is a real growth lesson for me.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to the song and I hope it brought you some happiness.






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