RE: Hive open mic week 118 tittle Mind your business (Original song) by @walexwhy

What's up my friend? hey your song was great, it's certainly a very clear message for this kind of people you mention, who by the way, are never missing in our day to day life!!!!

Friend I take this opportunity to remind you key elements of success within the community, beyond talent, we must interact with other participants and be attentive to the themes raised by the Spotlight Artists, you can express yourself freely, however, it would be great to focus that expression to what is raised within the community; you have done great anyway, I liked the beat you used to rap 🔥🔥!

I congratulate you, for the next presentations also try to place your post in Spanish, you will have much more reach when you present!!!!

Thank you very much for participating in this edition of the Hive Open Mic, we hope to see you again next week ¡Greetings! 🙌😀💛

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