🎵 “The Awe The Ease” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 62

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One day I woke up and heard this song, sung ultra-slow, somehow appearing with the distant sounds of street traffic. For me, it's a message that all is well. It rings true for me: A higher power is beating my heart and breathing my lungs, even without my awareness.

What is more awe-inspiring, more awesome, more full of awe? What is more easeful, more peaceful, more comforting? Surely there must be a higher power who has it all under control, holding all of us in a loving embrace. Surely we can rest assured, trusting we are worthy of love, harmony, truth, and justice.

This song is my selection for this week's Hive Open Mic theme: "Healing Songs." To me, there is deep meaning, and rich medicine in this song's message and the melody. In the recording process, I felt myself soothed by some handsome sounds that seemed to flow naturally through the instruments, played at a nice slow tempo.

The gear includes an electric guitar with custom magpie feather inlay (made by my brother), a Keeley Aurora effects pedal, and a Boss RC-50 looping station, plus hoop drum and maraca...

...and then I sent the looping soundscape through a second device called Boss VE-8, adding classical guitar and vocals, through an Orange amplifier, captured with a Zoom H1 recorder.

Compared to the song I shared last week, this one was smooth sailing. I made a few adjustments to simplify my equipment setup, and then performed it live with a looping station. Visually, I think the double exposure video does a fair job of showing essentially what is happening sonically. I'm grateful for what feels like a creative breakthrough.

Wail Away

A new song, presented as a multitrack recording

I am breathing because my body is a vessel in rhythm
Heart beating I am aware of my blood in flow

Ah, the awe the ease

I am singing because this melody is enlivening
Heart listening to this harmony imagining

Ah, the awe the ease

Eyes open I am seeing a world that welcomes me
With open roads and open arms to hold me

Ah, the awe the ease

Eyes ready I steady myself to serve as a vessel
With steady steps I steadily up-level

Ah, the awe the ease

Water poured and fire lit I honor ancestors
I honor myself and all my brothers and sisters

Ah, the awe the ease

Water poured and fire lit I honor the spirit
I honor the earth and all in it that is sacred

Ah, the awe the ease




Hive Open Mic - Week 62 is underway right now, with the current theme: “Healing Song.” We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


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