🎵 Hive Open Mic 79: “Mirrors on Earth” | Weekly Update + New Spotlight Artist

Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.

🎵 Weekly Update

Celebrating 79 weeks of Hive Open Mic


The 79th consecutive Hive Open Mic event ran from October 10-16, 2021, with the theme: Mirrors on Earth. This theme was selected by Spotlight Artist: @auelitairene, with the intention "to honor the masters who reflect back to us the reality of ourselves here on this plane." It feels fitting to start the highlights with the song she shared this week.

Belleza en cada Flor / Beauty In Every Flower (Cover) by @auelitairene

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@auelitairene delivers a medicine song. I love the message of oneness I see in it, with the flower as a symbol of the way we are - free to sway and bloom where we are planted. I about died and went to heaven, just listening. Or maybe I feel more alive. Either way, I'm thankful to listen.

"Bellaaa Irene! Cada vez cantas más hermoso! Siempre me ha gustado tu voz. Nos vemos en el Adiwa!" —@naradamoon

🌟 Spotlight Artist

Luna de Margarita (Cover) by @joseguira

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@joseguira carries a song that is altogether beautiful. I admire the song lyrically, melodically, and also sonically - in the way he plays it. Pleasant. Song by Simón Díaz.

I am pleased to acknowledge this musician as this week's Spotlight Artist. As a token of appreciation, I'm happy to invite him to choose our community's Hive Open Mic theme for our upcoming week 84. @joseguira, please choose a theme that will inspire and enliven us as we explore new territory as artists. Just name it in the comments below, and we're good to go!

💛 Pillar of the Community

Continuing our new tradition of honoring a person who is particularly respectful and influential, I announce our third "Pillar of the Community": @mariajruizb. Way back in week 47, she was acknowledged as our community's Spotlight Artist, and since then she and her family have made vast contributions to Hive Open Mic, both as musicians and listeners, offering applause and encouragement to musicians.

I am so thankful for her thoughtful comments. I see her beautiful words on many of our posts this week, offering encouragement. For an artist, it feels so good to be witnessed, accepted, and applauded — she gives this gift to us in a gracious and generous way, even being the phenomenally talented musician she is. As a reward, we are pinning her post at the top of our community page.

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🔥 Bright Newcomers

Visa (Cover) by @rblohmc

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@rblohmc brings a handsome smile, and a sensitive song. Beautiful in every way. This music speaks of the situation of Venezuelans exiting the nation due to economic and social challenges.

Note to Self: Venezuela is the home of more Hive Open Mic musicians (by far) than any other nation. I venture to say that we have received ~5000 songs by Venezuelan musicians, out of ~8000 total. That's ~63% of all the music we hear here! I am so happy to get to know my brothers and sisters of Venezuela through the music they share with this community. Viva Venezuela!

"Mi primo bello que hermoso fué volver a escucharte, me alegra mucho que te has superado un poco de esa situación que has pasado, la música te ayuda mucho a hacerlo. No dejes de compartir tu talento mi lindo. Tqm, espero verte pronto." —@mariajruizb

"Bro, hablo por muchos, soy uno de esos migrantes, GRACIAS, por esta canción, cantas genial, éxitos y bendiciones para ti y sea cual sea tu situación emocional, espero mejores y consigas ese bienestar que buscas y necesitas... TÚ PUEDES" 👊😎🔥🎸🎙️🎶 —@fernanblog

"Wow!!! Que voz es esta que escuchamos aquí, que bonito, me encanta todo, tu introducción, el canto, como tocas y como llevas la canción! Exelente todo." —@mipiano

Ella no sigue modas / She doesn't follow fashions (Cover) by @veronicamartinc

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@veronicamartinc carries a song on the cuatro. She says the instrument is out of tune, but she sounds great to me. I love it when new musicians join us, coming just as they are, sharing their humanity in a way we can all relate with.

"woww eres super talentosa! Me encanto vero" :) —@sofiaquino98

Mirror (Original) by @selfhelp4trolls

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@selfhelp4trolls brings his immense musical talents to this community for the first time. Please join me in wishing him a warm welcome. I'd love to hear more of his tunes!

"Very nice melody, riffs, love like the style you use for the vocals." —@yangyanje

"Soothing to the ear. I love it!" —@chincoculbert

Mirror (Cover) by @peaq

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@peaq shows up and shines, sharing her musical gifts with us for the first time. Song lyrics by Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars.

Improvisation #2 (kitchen session) (Original) by @soufianechakrouf

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@soufianechakrouf gives us a musical flow that is captivating and compelling. I admire his artistry, casual and cool, along with his thought-provoking lyrics and his handsome way of playing and singing.

"Your voice is very cool and making feel jealous" 😁 —@mayorkeys


⭐ Acknowledgements

Today's weekly update showcases a small selection of songs that stand out to me personally. Numerous gems can be explored and enjoyed, beyond this list of newcomers. My intention is to acknowledge the excellent artistry, the supportive community involvement, and above all else: Global Harmony—this is what our community stands for.

Behind the scenes, Hive Open Mic moderators devote many hours each week to listening, commenting, curating, and creating for this community. The moderation task is a big undertaking, and I'm thankful to @mipiano and @jesuslnrs for their active involvement. Additional thanks goes to the OCD Community Incubation Program, who rewards our musicians with generous upvotes.

I am grateful to every musician who expressed themselves this week through the Hive Open Mic community. It is beautiful to witness the connections we create through the songs we carry and share. I believe the entire world benefits through the harmony that music gives to us. I especially appreciate the listeners who support the musicians, through claps, finger snaps, upvotes, and encouraging words. Thank you.

🌞 Invitation


Hive Open Mic - Week 80 is underway now.

This week's invitation is: “Nuevo Dia.”


Join in. Enjoy!

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