My Introductory Post


Hello everyone!!!
I'm @wofaipeace and I'm a newbie here, in this wonderful community. I will be making an introductory video being my first time here. Although, I'm more of a blogger than a vlogger. However, I decided to do a little write up so our first meeting will be fun.
In this writeup, I will be talking about myself and how I'm maximizing the ongoing strike as most Nigerian schools are currently on strike.
I wouldn't want to say much as I have written down something for our consumption. As you read please drop your feedback in the comment section. Thanks so much.
Lets join hands to achieve growth together. I love you all.

I'm a Nigerian, and I reside in the southern part of Nigeria. I happen to be the middle child in the family. I love creativity, aside from being a medical student, I love daring and trying out new things. Lest I forget, I'm also a Christian. I would have been rounding up my program by now but the strike has kept everyone at home for about six months now. Alot of negotiations have been going on, yet yo no avail. My friends and I decided to harness our different niches. Many students are so discouraged and disappointed in their country, some are faced with depression on a daily basis. But, I have something in the course of this strike, which is very important to all the hivenaija students as well as non-student. I have learnt that being a Nigerian requires requires you to have; multiple streams of income. Hustling is a prerequisite skill to acquire as a Nigerian.
HOW I AM MAXIMIZING THIS STRIKE. It's quite discouraging to sit idle or not have any source of income. But here are few ways to overcome idleness. 1. Harness your potentials(who are you?). 2. Start up something or 3. Get atleast a good paying job. 4.Take some online courses. 5. Try new methods of doing things. 6. Engage in webinars. 7. Attend both physical and virtual classes or events. 8. Read books. 9. Network with new people. 10. Bond with siblings and family. 11. Do more of what you love doing.

An idle man they say is the devil's workshop. A deliberate attempt or intentionality for personal development can ease you the stress of being a Nigerian. Nigeria is blessed, I believe so, but together we can make that blessedness come to pass.
These are the list of things I do on daily basis to overcome idleness, the goal is to create multiple streams of income by God's grace. Walk together with the older generation, impact the younger generation to have the desired Naija.

This is just ME on a first time in this homely community. I would love to take corrections and also engage deeply with everyone here in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by

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