Some years ago, a woman d!ed in my community. She was about 90 years of age. She lived in a mud house

She had sons and daughters that were doing well financially. But they didn't care to build a nice house for their mom. I guess that was because of procrastination

Immediately she d!ed , all of them showed up and planned on building a nice house before the burial day

Within few weeks, they built a nice house.


On the burial day, many members of their family were unhappy, some of them left the burial ground with anger. They frowned at them for not building a house for their mom while she was alive. Why build it now that she is no more ?

Family members were angry.

The truth about it is that, they had the money to build this house but because of procrastination. We will do it tomorrow, let's wait a little, let's relax a little, let's finish the project on ground first.

I guess this was their thoughts until the death of their mother took them unawares.

We had a neighbour back then. All her four kids were abroad. She struggled to send them there. She starved herself of so many good things of life just to send her kids abroad. Recently she got blind

She just woke up one morning and couldn't see clearly. Few weeks ago his kids sent Television from abroad. They asked me to help contact a driver that can take it to their home.

There has never been a television set in their house. This was the first

I was wondering , what would a blind mom be doing with television? she won't enjoy it .Why didn't they sent it long ago while his mom was seeing clearly? Of course, Money wasn't the issue.

I guess many of us are in this situation.

You have someone in mind to visit, you have a gift in mind to give someone, you have a project in mind to deliver for someone but you're postponing

Stop the procrastination

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Posted by Àánú Oládipúpò

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