Hello guys, I'm glad participating in this contest by @hivenaija, it had been an awesome one as contests run weekly to encourage increased engagement.
This is my entry...

Happy birthday Nigeria

Dear Nigeria,
I am so delighted writing to you on this your birthday as you turn 60 years.

From the day one, you have been such a beautiful bride. Adorned with so much natural resources, cultural values, great population, special beautiful environments and lovely people. Your beauty was radiant and pronounced that it attracted suitors from far and near who came to explore and harness your goodness.

Since 1960 you finally settled for a man, you have passed through hell on Earth. You have cried and complained severally of what you are going through in the hand of your husband the political leaders.
Molested, maltreated and wounded. Now left to wallow in the pains and agony of poverty, unemployment, bad roads, injustice, bribery and corruption. You watch your children die of poverty and hunger, while your man is squandering your wealth with his concubines. You watch what belongs to you and your children being denied you, but your hands are tied to sick for justice.
Oh, I really feel your pain.

But will I abandon you, my pride because you made the wrong choice, or because of the so much maltreatement you are going through...?

My prayers are with you...
I believe in you...
I believe in a better Nigeria.
Just give me a little while, I will make you proud, I will put a smile on your face again.
I love you so much

Best regards
From @talkhofaith

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