Long-life or Wealth?

You know what, a couple of days ago prior to seeing the @hive-naija prompt for this week about choosing between long life and wealth which bythe way really interested me. I had a conversation with my big sis' concerning choosing between long life and Money, I would have said what are the odd right, but I realize that a lot of people debate about things such as long life and wealth far too often these days. Uhm, So we had an interesting conversation where I was for wealth and ... let me just give a brief rundown of the conversation we had, might be a little exaggerated but you get the general idea 👇👇


Big Sis: ... Why on earth would you choose wealth over a long, healthy life? Are you planning to buy happiness or something?

Me: Oh, come on, sis! Hear me out. Sure, a long life sounds appealing, but have you ever seen a rich person frowning on a yacht? "well I haven't!" You see Sis, Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a yacht, and I've never seen a sad person on a yacht either!

Big Sis: Haha! Well, maybe that's because they're too busy counting their money to frown. But seriously, money can't buy everything. What about the joys of growing old gracefully, surrounded by loved ones?

Me: Ah, growing old gracefully, the dream! But think about it this way: with wealth, I could hire a personal trainer to make me look 10 years younger without all the hassle of aging. Wrinkles? I'll just throw money at them until they disappear!

Big Sis: Okay, Mr. Moneybags! But what about health? What's the point of being wealthy if you're not healthy enough to enjoy it?

Me: Ah, but with wealth, I could afford the finest doctors, the latest medical breakthroughs, and the most exotic wellness retreats. I'd have a personal team of experts constantly monitoring my health, making sure I stay in tip-top shape. I'd be the world's richest and healthiest person!

Big Sis:Fair point. But let's not forget that money can't buy everything. What about love and meaningful relationships? Those are the true riches in life!

Me: Absolutely, sis! money cant buy everything, but without money, you certainly cant buy anything, that's a cold hard fact. As a matter of fact, with money, I could buy a dating app and swipe right until I find my soulmate. And let's not forget, I could throw the most extravagant weddings and buy the most amazing gifts to win their heart of course it might not work but certainly love would no doubt think twice before deciding not to love me a generous man like me. You see, Love might not be for sale, that the popular belief right? or maybe that is what they made you belief right, but how about I tell you that I could certainly give love a good run for its money!

You know a prominent man once said, can't remember his name, he said "if you say money can't buy happiness, then you don't know where to shop" I strongly believe that. Money stops nonsense, you see a lot nonsense are stinking by-products of a lack of money. As a matter fact, a lot of unhappiness are by-products of nonsense. How about that?

Big Sis: Haha! look at you (smiling), you will always have an answer, always, wont you? nothing catches you by surprise. Well, I guess you've convinced and not confused me that money can indeed make life more interesting but still long life of course in good health is also very much important. Just remember to share the wealth, okay?

Me: Of course, sis! You'll be my first stop on the private jet to a tropical island. After all, what are families for if not for sharing the good life?

End of conversation ...

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