My Hive Testimony: Crossing Over from Steemit To Hive!

My journey of Hive has been an adventure for the past one month plus that I have been around. But first, allow me to take you back to where it all started, or where it should have all started three years ago.

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Before Hive

2017 was the first year I discovered a social media blockchain like Hive actually existed. During that period, it was Steemit. I had just finished high school, when I was introduced to Steemit. The person who introduced me did a pretty bad job during his introduction. It was quick and he made it sounded like it was a new social media platform like that of Facebook where I can post absolutely anything just like Facebook and get paid when people like it. I guess that was the first mistake. I was in for the money and not the fun and passion.

Don't get it all wrong. I already loved writing by then. I was even planning to open up a blogging website to further write for the world. It was already my passion. So the thought of it not being my passion or what I love doing isn't the problem.

Like I said, Steemit was wrongly introduced to me. It was shown to me in a hurry. Infact to be specific, it was introduced to me in less than 2 minutes. That alone should give you an idea of what I mean. And being a "Facebook like social media", as I had thought, I would post something like "Good morning fellas, hope you all are doing well?". And that would be all for that post. And being such a nasty post🤣🤪I won't get a dime vote, which meant no cash. And it discouraged me. I did this for three days before I quit the blockchain.

Although, that wasn't the main reason why I quit. I left after searching in Google how to withdraw my money from Steemit. And being crypto currency, I was totally confused. By then I had absolute zero idea of the term crypto currency. Infact, I only know the name Bitcoin. But I don't know anything about it or other crypto around at that time. This made the processes shown to me on Google so stressful. One other thing while browsing how to get my money from the blockchain was the statement I do see that says, "Be extremely careful while doing this because if you make any mistake, your money is lost forever!". The mistake here was sending your funds to a wrong or mistyped address.

At this point, it struck me that my funds (if I do get any) are not safe here and I don't even understand a dime about any of the withdrawal method. So I Quit!

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Bringing us back to 2020

Earlier this year, I took up a writing opportunity online to become a Freelance Copywriter. I was writing for an online company known as Copywriting Network. And their payment methods were through PayPal or Bitcoin. At that time, I had a PayPal account already, but little did I know that in my country, it isn't allowed to receive cash through PayPal. You can only send through PayPal but you can't receive.

After I completed some jobs for them and submitted my PayPal account for payment, I received an email that the cash wasn't able to go through. I search the internet for what could be the cause. By now, I was already into a lot of things that deals with the internet. So, searching Google for solutions to problems became my thing. It was at this point I discovered the PayPal problem and I decided to use the alternative (Bitcoin). I learned a few things about Bitcoin that night and by the next morning, I had already own a wallet and placed it for withdrawal, which the money was sent successfully. And without stress, I received it into my bank account. And I was like WOW!

I then understood that the crypto I had been running away from for three years is as easy as signing a document. This is how I got interested in anything or job that deals with crypto currency. And by the middle of July, I remembered Steemit, which I learnt had been folked into Hive!

My Challenges and Testimonies on Hive

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I joined Hive in the mid June. Can't really remember the exact date now. After I joined on the first day and made my introduction post, I took two days off to really study the communities and the way they do things. It was more like observing the surroundings of a new environment. I came into the blockchain with one super goal. To Be One Of The Well Known Whales Who Helps The Newbies a lot, and also represent a positive figure to the Hive community. It doesn't matter how long it takes. Be it 1 year, 3 years or 7 years. So long as Hive is still existing, I will get there. This is the main reason why I attached the name "hive" at the back of my username to make it @rollinshive. It is a kind of reminder to the goal I have towards the blockchain if ever I tried to feel tired or frustrated. And believe me, it has been doing a good work.

So far so good, I have had 125 HP. I came up with that hive power by July 21st. But from that 21st, I got struck with sickness and I couldn't come on board on hive actively like I used to for two weeks. I just resumed my hive activity fully just barely a week ago and I have been trying to find my path ever since. I do use before but ever since my comeback few days ago, I started using Peakd because of the advancement and it pretty much more fun to me.

For the few times I have been in hive, I have received love from a lot of people in the communities. Made lots of mistakes and get corrected. I have also been able to win two hive pools as well. One from @belemo Hive naija funniest Christmas story in pidgin language. And the other from @galenkp Weekend Engagement. I also believe I have been able to contribute a little to the development of the hive communities, especially through the comments I do leave after reading a post. My engagement may not have been actively full as expected, but I am taking it all one step at a time.


Thanks for taking your time to read through. Please feel free to take any action. Such as Upvote, Comment and Reblog.


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