In my search for possibilities

It's another week to tell an interesting story about myself. Sometimes I prefer using myself as the case study because it helps me express myself more and write with more passion. In life, we always try to reach our peak as humans, searching for every possibility to make the impossible work and create a way where it seems there is no way. Some lost their lives in the process, while others survived and lived to tell the story.

Growing up to a certain age where I can call myself an adult, I don't have the opportunity to explore to see how the world outside is—a world without your parents in it to guide you, a world you have to choose your friends and loved ones all over again, a world you turn to the right and left and realize you are alone. After my first quarter in school, when I was done with my diploma, after weeks of serious thought, I decided to walk up to my parents to discuss my plans to leave home for a while. I mustered the courage to finally open up my mind to them, and my father laughed to the extent that I was wondering if I hadn't made a mistake with what I said, but I tried to look serious and determined so that they wouldn't take it as a joke.

I grew up in a family where we are not allowed to go out, a house where you can be indoors for a week without stepping outside the gate, I got bored with such a life I wanted to see what the world is like, and taking this decision took me years. I was 22 years of age when I decided to ask my parent's permission to leave home after my father was done laughing, while my mother was sighing every second, he finally spoke up he looked at my face and said "What did you want to see outside?" I wasn't prepared for that question, it took me a while before I can process the answer one thing with my parent is, whenever anyone of us the children decided to do something, they don't discourage, they only give us enough lectures that are more than capable to reset your brain.

I finally got the answer I think is right to their question. I said I wanted to see how it is to survive in a world without your loved ones to support you. My mom exclaimed, "Hahaha!" My heart almost burst out of my chest in fear, but I tried as much as possible to compose myself well. He laughed again and asked which state I would love to go to for my tour. Then I realized I was in big trouble. I replied to Lagos, and he said no problem; he would see to it. I was happy but not sure if I should show it because I know my father always speaks with sarcasm. My mom was already nodding, trying to tell my dad it was impossible, but the man knows what he is doing. Both of them began to lecture me on how difficult it is to survive in a world I wanted to see, but I told them I would survive. I told them I wanted to prove to them that I could do things as an independent lady.

A week after he called one of his brothers in Lagos to inform them I would be coming to live with them for a while, due to the relationship between them, he couldn't say no, and immediately my dad asked me to pack up my bags as I would be leaving in two days. My joy knows no bounds, and on the set date, I was on board to start a new life, full of hope and possibilities that I would make it and return victorious. I entered Lagos, a state for the strong. After two weeks after my arrival, I searched for a job and got two different jobs. I ran shifts as per the agreement, and everything was going well until I started experiencing some difficulties both at home and at work. Different cases I never imagined could happen to me while I'm with my parents: complaints at home for not doing things right enough, which my mom will just talk over, but it wasn't the case here. It got to a point where I felt like going back home, but I remembered telling my parents I would survive.

Amid the hardship, I never gave up; I intensified, and at the end of two years, I was satisfied with myself because I did what seemed impossible. I returned home after two years of tours, and I could tell of what I was able to achieve and all I was able to learn about life outside the home, and life outside my comfort zone, and those experiences built and shaped my life today. I never regretted taking that decision because it helped me become a better person.

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