Favorite Nigeria Movie

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It's another weekly prompt of the @hive-naija community.

This week, we want to know your favourite Nigerian movies. What movie does it for you in terms of the story and overall production?

Recently, the Hollywood has really improved in movie production, unlike before, were movies can be predicted before it's end.

I enjoy watching movies alot when am free, but one of my favorite movie is Reset



It was really a simple movie with one actor and few actresses but it really taught alot.
It was talking about a girl(Bimbo Akintola) who was born into a rich family but was a thorn to the flesh of her mum because of her bad behaviors and influence of bad friends.

With all the complains and advises her mum gave, she continued, until her mum fell sick to the point of death.
On the sick bed, she promised never to continue her bad behavior and she had a reset in her behavior.

Because of her change, her boyfriend had to change his own behavior too and they got back together.

The movie has bit of comedy and also taught me a lot of lesson, it was good that her changed behavior would also affect people around her.

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