You can't be like Jesus!


When people say they want to be like Jesus, what they must mean is to be like the Jewish man that walked in the streets of Capernaum and Galilee. Some people would even get inspired at discussions about Jesus' physical stature: His look, His height, His physique, His ways, etc., they loose sight of what is very necessary which is His spirituality.

More than Jesus' physicality, you need to focus on Jesus (the Word), The state of being limited of His physic. Jesus celebrated Passover, but Passover is nothing to the non-Jew. So, our focus have to be on Jesus, the Son of God. See in Him, and through Him, because He is the living Word.

Apostle Paul, mistakenly thought of Christ as if He were just an ordinary man of Jewish man. But he later realized that even though Jesus walked in the earth in a physical frame, and lived as a Jewish man, He was not ordinary. Apostle Paul later focus on Jesus (the Word) and he was successful in his ministry

See Jesus as the Word incarnate, see Him as the totality thoughts of God, God's ideas, will, opinions, and emotions dwelling in human flesh. Focus on Jesus as God’s perfect impression, the image of the invisible God. As Jesus is the Word made flesh, you a child of the Word. You have Christ's holiness and nature in you. You are the bright of His glory and the express image of Him.

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