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Since on the 11th of August, I have been running a race that's clearly going to shape my life in the direction I have always wanted. But this race comes with great sacrifice, and one of those sacrifices is for me to give it all the necessary attention it deserves. I remembered I have not write for up to four days now, thanks to my friend who always request for my hive posts because she love reading them. Coming to hive, I saw so many notifications and that of @merit.ahama attracted me, reading her lovely post about some of her best investment strategies and also inviting me to join the contest. I was going to decline joining the contest because I am not always available of late, but hey, I told myself, never turn down a beautiful lady. πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“ By the way, you can check out the beautiful investment strategies shared by @merit.ahama here.

Today's post is my entry to @hive-naija's contest, I really don't know if the contest is over now, but regardless I would still love to participate just to appreciate the young lady that sent me an invite. She did give me some white washing in her post 😜😜 I'm still a basic writer who is trying to develop, but she made it look like I'm very good. @merit.ahama will just be setting someone up in broad daylight. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ From the original post, I noticed the contest talked about us sharing some of the coins we are investing in, and the different strategies we are using. Well, I wouldn't be sharing the coins I'm investing in, but I will be sharing some amazing investment ideas that have shaped my life over the years. My coin for today is people, is life and everything that the universe decides to throw at us human. You can read more about the contest of the week here.


Those tactics that work for you, those once that help you achieve your objectives in life are the best investment strategies ever. It's not the once that bring great historical returns. The best investment strategy is the one that work best for you, that one you can call your sure bet, and each time you do it, it always produce a positive return. Personally, I see my investment styles or tactics like clothes that fit me very well. Trust me, you will never see me where a loose fit wear, I enjoy my fashion style to be simple yet very catchy and same thing with my investment strategies, they are methods that are so simple yet they always work for me. I don't go for pricey wears (oops! I don't even buy wears 😜😜 I make all my wears myself), I go for something that's very comfortable and last long. This is the same strategy I use when investing, I invest for long term purposes, solving the problems that exist now while planning for long term.

Here are some of the methods that have been working for me, investment strategies that I feel will also be useful to you reading this post right now.

Investing In People

The first mistake you made, was telling yourself you will help people when you are rich. Start now, there are different ways to invest in the life of others and this is something I have been reaping it's reward. Investing in others does not only mean financially, not everyone have money to throw around (I know I don't πŸ™„) but there are other ways to Invest in people. I share my knowledge with people everyday, and each day I do this, I realize one or two persons always come back saying, you know that stuff you said the other time, I did it and here is the result, thank you sir. Invest in people because there will come a time in your life where you will need people. I did mention I have been running a race since on the 11th of August (which I will share with you guys when it's finally doneπŸ€—), during this period I needed to raise huge sum of many in less than four hours. Guess what, friends could not help, families could not, but the people that helped me where all strangers that came into my life one way or the other. Four persons supported me and when I kept on saying thank you to them, they will always respond saying, U-ROGA relax, you are the one that helped me get to this point, this is me just saying thank you. Their response always leave me speechless, but they were right, once upon a time, God used me to lift them and when I really needed help, they were there to lift me up also. Invest in people, so many will not value your act of kindness (that's the sad truth), but the few that will value your help will change your story.

Invest In Your Knowledge

If you know me (which I doubt you do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚), like if you really know me, you will know I don't joke with knowledge. I always want to know, not because I want to pride myself that I know but because I want to share what I know with others. The beautiful thing about knowledge is, when you share it, you know more. I have Invest so much in knowledge and over the years I have watched myself grow, I have open doors that only the right connections can open but I did all that with God and the knowledge I have, no connections. When I teach my students, I always say something, no knowledge is lost, if you see an opportunity to learn something new even when it's not your business, just learn it. You don't know when you will need it. You really want to grow in life? Then be ready to accept knowledge as it comes. When it looks like there is no other opportunity, an opportunity will present itself that will demand what you already know. A student ask me, how come you have an idea of so many things? I smiled and look at her, I replied saying, "I choose to humble myself to learn when the opportunity presented itself". I wouldn't tell you Knowledge is Power, because I know Power is Power. But, imagine having Knowledge and Power at the same time, imagine what you can change (and you are really imagining it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ stop wasting time to imagine, start seeking knowledge πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). So invest in your Knowledge, always feel happy to learn new things.

Investing In Your Growth

Growth Investing involves analysing those things that are working for you. Invest time in monitoring your growth, where you are right now, was that where you are some years back? Ask yourself critical questions and see if you are moving forward are you stagnant. In business, Growth Investing involves analysing financial statements and factors about the company behind the stock. Same thing with ourselves, analyse how things are going in your life and see those things that are working and how to even make them better. If you don't invest time to analyse your growth, you'd never know if you are doing well. Before now, I view my account balance is naira, and I thought I was doing wellπŸ˜”πŸ˜” since I started viewing it in dollars, I had to up my game. I noticed I was not moving the way I want to move and I restructured so many things in my life. I took out time to analyse those things I have been doing and how to better them. Take out time to monitor your growth.

Learn To Buy And Hold

This is one investment strategy I am very good at. Buy and wait for the right time, timing is key. Too bad so many persons lack patience for this particular strategy. Not everything you buy that you will sell. Sometimes, just keep some, there will come a time when others will need it and you are the only one they can run to. Or there will come a time when the value for that thing will be so high and it will turn out profitable to you. I always buy and hold stuffs both in the crypto world and also my physical life, it has always been a life practice for me and this always work for me. Understand that, the time spent in the market is way better than you timing the market (πŸ‘ˆ read that last statement again, make sure you understand it before you continue reading πŸ€“). The idea of this strategy is more of long-term returns, these returns can even surpass your short term earnings.

Become An Active Trader

Those persons into trading will agree that, being an active trader is quite difficult because there is a huge chance of losing so much but those that have grab some wins will agree it's worth it right? I see this everyday, my friends that are into trading and I understand what they are going through. But I'm not talking about that now, I'm talking about you being an active trader in reality now. How active are you in the things you do? Do you commit yourself to those things, well you want results right? Then commitment should be your middle name. What is it you do? Do you write? How about you draft a writing plan that work for you? Just make sure whatever it is you do, you commit yourself to it. I noticed how much I have develop my writing in just a space of one year here on Hive, that's because I choose to become an active trader, I committed myself to it. This might sound weird, but I don't see hive anymore as me just writing to earn no, sometimes I joking knot my tie, dress really well and seat in front of my laptop and write a very good post for the hive community (I know, I am crazy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚), but joke apart, become committed with whatever you do, be active in it and you will see great results. Commitment and consistency work together, when you choose to be committed, you will be consistent at the things you do. Consistency does not me everyday affair, but it means setting a goal and sticking to that goal. Become active today, and do those things you enjoy doing with your heart in it. Invest in your growth.


Investment comes in different form, what you invest your time, money and mind to will determine what will become of you. Create an investment strategy that work for you and stick to it. People are part of our success story, so invest in people. What you know is yours to keep and yours to share, so invest in your knowledge. Don't remaining stagnant in life, take out time to invest in your growth, financially, physical, emotionally and even psychologically. Learn not to sell all, buy and hold some for long term purpose. Stay committed to what you do, be consistent about it, be an active trader. I hope we all find SOLACE in the investment plan that will eventually turn out right for us. Do have a blissful day.

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