Every week I and @young-boss-karin host a live session on the hive-naija telegram channel where we discuss relevant issues pertaining to hive and Nigerians on hive. The initiative was born out of the need to create a fun and safe sphere for Nigerians on the hive blockchain to commune and share ideas.

We also use the session to talk about relevant events on the hive blockchain and also get our community members to participate in various hive activities. For instance, for the past two weeks, our focus has been on hive gaming and getting more community members involved.

I want to use this opportunity to thank @badmusgreene who has been very instrumental in our sessions and has also sponsored two of our weekly contests.

Our primary focus for the rest of the year is to get newbies more acquainted with the hive blockchain. There are various initiatives geared towards helping newbies become strong and valuable members of the hive community. So if you are a newbie from Nigeria looking to grow your account and influence on the blockchain this is a session you should not miss.

Plus, as a newbie you get to meet other stakeholders on the hive blockchain from Nigeria. This provides a unique opportunity to network and grow your social capital on the hive blockchain.


This week we want to discuss promotional ideas for hive and hive-naija community. We strongly believe in reaching out to other Nigerians outside the hive ecosystem and building our community.

Also, we will be discussing some points from my previous article, STAKE AND CONTRIBUTE. From my brief assessment, it is obvious that a lot of people do not know much about hive outside posting and commenting. I will like to share some of my knowledge about hive and hopefully, this will help a lot of our community members see the bigger picture.

Other things we will be discussing today:

If you are a Nigerian on the hive blockchain and you want to participate in the live session, kindly follow the link below:

The session states by 18:30 (WAT). You can also join the hive-naija community on hive and also read about the goals and objective of the community.

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