THEME: Sell Yourself to The Hive-Naija Community

The Young Medic: (Out to Impact)

Josephine Mukoro is the name, i base in Ibadan and i work at UCH Ibadan. I am a doctor, writer all thanks to Hive for the opportunity, a fashion designer, a volunteer at heart, and who loves to learn new things and spend time with friends and family.

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I have always had a passion to impact lives and leave a good impression on any one i have contact with. Having been a member of Hive for about a month, i have seen an opportunity to achieve my goal.

I hope to give out information on important health issues and clarify any questions regarding health so you can call me your Hive Doctor.

I also love to see people dream big and focus on achieving their goals. I personally believe any heights you want to achieve, you go for it and i hope to encourage others to do so using Hive as a platform for this.

Beyond words, how do i hope to achieve this feat? Well i hope you asked this because i plan to:

Write a post on the current most discussed health issue in other to bring you accurate information.

I also look foward to sharing my personal lessons and experiences from each week that passes to enlighten and motivate Hiveans.

Writing on healthy living tips from lifestyle management to nutrition is what i also hope to give out to Hiveans.

So dear Hiveans, i trust this journey to be a beautiful one filled with opportunities for us to learn from each other. Please also feel free to ask questions on any topic relating to health and lifestyle.
From: The Young Medic with Love

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