I was really excited about this contest because of two things one is that it will give me an opportunity to celebrate a beautiful personality and it really feels good to remember events in your life that made you feel so special and loved.

It all began at 8th January 2020 12:02am, of course Julianna was the first to call me, i wasn't suprised but was eager for the happy birthday song and prayers.

I wasn't really expecting so much after that, i was happy to know someone cared enough to call by at the exact time, pray for me and of course change the group title of our wassap class page to Happy Birthday Josephine and so for me i was already fulfiled.

Guess what, well it didnt stop there, after lectures that day i received a card with Happy Birthday Josephine and it nailed it for me, i couldn't remember when last i received a card but Julianna was the sweetest take it from me.

After cards it was a cash gift you wouldn't believe how much because trust me i didn't too. From cash gift to eating a delicious meal at an eatery.

At this point i was caught between; was it just God trying to bless my day, using this young lady, did i really merit all this, it was much more than i hoped for and i was literally smiling all through the day.

Then other calls came in, text messages came in, watssap uploads stating how wonderful i was.
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I think i actually cried as the love was massive. My heart was laddened with gratitite hence a birthday - tude and i wish it could all happen again.

Many times when i need a reminder of how wonderful i am i read through those messages and remind myself but most importantly of the need to continually be nice, friendly and always willing to reach out.

Birthdays are special moments but most importantly its good to have special people in our lives who are wiling to celebrate us.It makes one look forward to more birthdays and to shift the attention from ourselves we should also pull our weights when celebrating those special to us. It all about the love and gratitude on birthdays hence Birthday-Tude.
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