My Favorite Nigerians On Hive - Wish To be Like Them On Hive

This would be my first time participating in the weekly contest organized by the Hive Naija and I find this week's theme quite interesting so I decided to join. You can join the contest HERE too.

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Pointing out favorites can also be a way of motivating and appreciating people and I can already feel some excitement just as I'm about mentioning my favorites.

These set of people have done a lot without their knowing in my blogging journey. I was never the writing type (or maybe I was) but they made me better with their knowledge. I'll mention my five favorites and more....


She's the best, my humble coach, my guardian angel, all that I know about blogging before now came from her. I remember how she would explain so humbly and clearly for me to understand and grow well in blogging. We met in another platform before Hive and I've always felt grateful to her for all she taught me back then. I can't talk about her and not talk of her contents. They are so full of creativity, accurate and professional. Ma'am, shey you go teach me that part na (professional content writing).


Hmm this guy sha.... Words are too many but I'll just write that he does his job of motivation very well. The lazy lady I am would have given up my Hive account or maybe grow like a snail if it wasn't for him. He would be like "Madam, think of something joor" and boom! I wonder where the something later come from. His write ups are so cool, so creative and says so much of his world, they are adventurous to me. I keep wishing to write like him (He nor gree cut soap for me) I'll steal that soap shshshshshs


With the few months I've been on Hive, she has been a great support to me with her comments (she's very good with comments). I'm her little fan but I don't think she knows (who will help me tell her?). Things will soon go more interesting because she promised she could make a dress for me when I'm ready. Can't wait to wear a dress done by my Needle work Idol (smile). Aside her beautiful comments, her write ups are cool. A beautiful Nigerian writer she is.


The first Nigerian I met on Hive to help me out with some difficulties I was facing during the newbie initiative. He was always around at that time and I thought maybe Hive was the only thing he does but I was wrong. He has obviously not been around for some time now but the reason is very valid, all the best in your exams. His contents also show how his world is, I think I have a special liking for such contents more.


There's no post of his I open to read that I don't take one or two points from, they are so thoughtful. It's as if he took 24hours to come up with each of his posts but that's not it at all, he's just that knowledgeable with his contents. I always look forward to his next unique write up and how he explains his own world in well arranged words. The first time I watched his video with Lizzy, I was amazed at everything - His not Nigerian accent, the knowledge shared and how relaxed he is. He inspires but I'm not sure if he knows that.

Like I said, there are more Nigerians I've come to know and really appreciate knowing them.
@cescajove a very caring lady with impressive contents, @maryjacy humble and I love her voice, @zellypearl my fellow Nigerian trouble finder, we can find trouble sha

I'm still getting to know more Nigerians like @belemo @josediccus @wolfofnostreet and many others.

Can I just add my wish here?

I wish

So you all should keep doing what you do, you're awesome and I'm learning very well from all of you.

Note: All Nigerians mentioned here na people wen sabi, see naw 😂

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