A Million Hive For Me?


Wait a minute! Come again? Are my ears working well? Do you know that a million Hive at the present state of Hive is worth 766000 dollars?
And did you ask what I'd do with it? honestly I'm not so sure because that's a whole lot of money but let me imagine and share it with you. I have a big list of things to do with such money but I'll be listing a very important few things I'll do and I'm sure the money wouldn't be able to get finished after my listing.

Give Back To The Community (Showing Gratitude)


It's a Hive coin and that makes me want to give it all back to the community to help in growing it but I have other few things to do outside Hive so I'll power up 500,000 Hive to support authors, projects and even organize big contests that would have many winners. I could imagine my voting power by then, it could put a smile on people faces and that would be more fulfilling to know.

For My Mom


This one is so special... I don't think there's any amount of money I'll make that my mum wouldn't come to my mind to bless with some of it. Most especially, money I make from blogging... Why? You can call my mum my number one fan in my blogging journey. There's no day she calls me and not ask questions like "How your online work dey go?" or "Hope you dey write well o". I think she asks those questions even more than asking about my studies, maybe she knows about the great opportunities that lies in blogging on Hive.

So giving a part of the money to her wouldn't be enough to thank her for her support. You need to see her when she celebrate my little wins in contests and her encouragement when I don't feel like writing. "That woman too much joor". She has so many things she wishes to do if money wasn't an issue, I'll make all that happen for her from the money.

For My Family as a Whole


Yeah, I will want to give my mum some money specially before giving some to my dad and siblings to help achieve their plans also. We've had too much troubles in life so a vacation in another country before facing other things won't hurt. I'll use the money to bring my family together for a vacation that would last for a week... That way, the bond would surely grow stronger.

For Myself


Of course I'll have to spend on myself and that would be by visiting my dream country "South Korea" and trust me when I say I'll make sure to meet all the actors I have been wishing to meet.
I will also go for a solo vacation, enjoy good food and buy beautiful clothes just to make sure I don't look as I am now 😂 come on! I'm a rich lady nau.

The conclusion of the whole thing is that, I'll change my life with that money because I'm going to grow it to even bigger amount through investing on Hive.


Hmm let me come back to reality, having such an amount of money isn't bad but like @nonsowrites said, I'll want to work hard to earn it and not getting it once. I think having such an amount so quickly would change one's mindset and if one isn't strong, mistakes would be made.

I'll leave the comment section for you to make your own imaginations and come back to reality.

This is my entry for the hivenaija weekly prompt, you are invited to participate in it too.

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Thanks for reading!!!

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