Good morning hivers, it's another day for me here to publish my post, so today I just thought of this great topic which I would love people to share their thought and express themselves in the comment box, so as the topic say it is a question which most people in the country will always think in their mind because the way thing do happen now will surely make them always thought of that. So let me first use a scenerio as an example, there was a university which has a professor who teaches the student mathematics because he study mathematics.

The professor loves being a saddist like the way he do fail students offering his course which made it difficult for most student offering his course and not too long there was this rumour that he had a fake result but what I have been thinking for a person to use a fake result to the post of being a professor, there must have been the involvement of those high in power who covered up for him till he gets to that post which he was now misusing maybe that was why he was exposed.

The people holding high post in this country who are supposed to be of help aren't able to do anything because they are in the midst of people who aren't of like mind with each other, any body having plan to do good when he gets to post, without joining their secret cult, they won't be able to agree with anything you are planning, and those having good mind for the betterment of the society, those with bad intention won't allow the person last in the post or they would kill the person so he won't be able to do anything.

So there are still leaders with good mind but they won't allow them carry out Thier operation which made all the leaders look the same thing

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