A Hive-Naija Prompt: Privacy in Relationships.


Hey guys I’m here to talk about this weeks prompt;

”It was a trend on Twitter that had many individuals clamoring to input their opinions. So, we want to hear YOUR thoughts Hive Nigerians. What do you think in regards to privacy in relationships? Is it okay for partners to go through each others phone? Does keeping your phone away from partner spell infidelity? Or are these just thoughts of an insecure body in the relationship? Let us READ your thoughts.”

Privacy in Relationships

To me there should be certain boundaries that should be set before the relationship starts. The two people involved should have actually talked about things they are comfortable with and things they are not comfortable with.

If it were up to me or If it was my own relationship i should be able to go through my partners phone and he should be able to go through mine. The only thing I know I won’t check are things concerning his bank account. Asides that I should be free to check whatever I want to.

Keeping your phone away from your partner spells infidelity to me. Because what exactly are you hiding? Why are you hiding it? My boyfriend may not have had any physical intimacy with the said person but if he has to hide his chats with the person away from me, it’s still another form of cheating.

In a true relationship you’re supposed to be honest with each other and hold each other accountable unless you’re just dating for ‘cruise’.

If anyone else thinks this is a sign of insecurity, they should know that it’s your partners job or duty to always assure you constantly. That’s all part of love. If I’m in love with someone and I‘m in a relationship with the person, I would know that he gets insecure sometimes, everyone does. It’s my job to constantly reassure him that there’s nothing to worry about especially if giving him access to my phone whenever he wants to does that.

It would also be nice to note that there’s a difference between having access to my phone and being intrusive. Everyone deserves a little bit of privacy because I’m not comfortable sharing issues or topics that are personal to my friends with someone else so he should understand that as well. I should know your password and you should know mine. I should be able to meet you anytime and say “hey babe please can I check something on your phone?” and you’ll give it to me, Vice versa.

But either way people are different and what would work for me in my relationship wouldn’t work for another persons relationship.

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