Vanity ( hivenaija prompt)


Tough and difficult situations.

I have an uncle who lost his wife barely two years after marriage and it was like hell for him, life didn't remain the same after the death of his lovely wife.
Well flashback to when she was alive and how things were then, my uncle was a non social person he wasn't sociable, he was only by himself doing things his way thinking about only himself, he wasn't the type that go out too much in public he never adores social gatherings.

Until when christiana (his wife) came into the picture, she brought him out of his own shells, she broke those walls around him and made him realize he had lovable people around him people who cared so much about him, she made him become a social person made him do things he didn't do before.

She brought out a different him perhaps you can call it a new version of him and eventually they got married, one year gone and no issues normally they had done all the check up necessary and they were okay, the second year she took in and everyone was happy for them and we were all expecting a baby.

Six months into the pregnancy they (my uncle and his wife) decided to go on a vacation which they tittle doing something fun before the baby comes, they went but on their way back their car had an accident my uncle didn't had any major issues but his pregnant wife did, she lost her baby and went unconscious for days.

We thought she would make it with all the prayers we did for her but at last she didn't make it, my uncle didn't take that news easily he lost himself for years, he went back to being that cold person he use to be avoiding crowds and wanting to be alone 😴. With a the money and assets they had he wasn't able to enjoy it.


My uncle had it all but couldn't enjoy it, if he was ever given an opportunity to choose between having all those wealth without his wife there or having his wife alive without those wealth an sure he would have choice long life for his wife over wealth and he would do it over and over again but you see sometimes we don't always get what we want.


I would rather choose long life over some I'll wealth that you wouldn't even know when it vanishes, it's possible to be rich today and all of those riches vanishes tomorrow but when you have long life you always see the glimpse of hope to strive for better days ahead, it's normally said "when there is life there is hope".

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