My sports ( hivenaija prompt)


I won't say I have a favorite sport or a favorite team or am in love with sport but what I would say is that I get engaged with sport when it necessary like for instance in school when we have to participate in sport, don't quote me wrong I do like sport but I guess it's not my thing.

What I like alittle back then was football and volleyball, we played that in school most of the times sometimes we train for a competition either internal or external competition. One thing that made me dislike sport was an event that occured in my school during games day.

We were out on that day doing our normal practice, boys had their own different field while girls also do have their own different field that they used on games day. We would come back to school that day around 4pm for sport, you would choose the sport u want to engage it there is volleyball, football, table tennis, the runners and do on.

I try other games time to time but I do girls football, in my school girls were known as rough players because we just play and struggle to win we don't follow any football rules or ethics, we just play it and we enjoy.

Series of injuries do occur some would have an injured leg that might have fallen on the ground and bruised her legs while struggling with someone that has the ball or the ball would hit that person on the leg and cause a fraction, I wasn't going to escape all this sometimes I do have little bruises here and there but it wasn't really a serious one like the one I have seen in other people body.

That day I was playing football and suddenly someone shot the ball obviously without direction and it hit me so hard on the face I had a swollen face though just on one side of my cheeks with pains that comes with it for days or more than a week.

It surely reduced but I wasn't going to play again because of the fear of someone shooting the ball the wrong direction, I had that fear in me because I wasn't ready to go through any pain again so I just engage in other games though I wasn't dedicated to it, that was just my experience back then so after school I had my self occupied with many things that sport wasn't even remembered so I just wasn't into sport.

Though I watch boxing films most of the time or even football but I didn't have a favorite sport or team, I would just watch them for pleasure or to while away time.

That was my experience with sport I hope I didn't bore you, thanks for reading through do have a nice weekend.

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