Wealth over long life

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In a situation where I'm being thrown into the river with my hands and feet tied. How do I survive?

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Since this is imaginative writing, I think I can survive and I'll show you how I would do that.
But first of all, I once watched a movie with almost a similar case, and the victims survived.
Two guys jumped inside a deep well because they were being chased to death. Their chasers didn't stop there; they poured fuel inside the well and set the water on fire as a way of boiling the water to make it unbearable for the victims. Not only that, they shot bullets into the water to kill them. But at the end, they survived. How is that possible?

Since it's a river, and the river I know always has fish, and most times, these fishes are mermaids. I know these mermaids would come for rescue, use their mouths to cut the rope, and set me free... probably to make me their husband because husbands are usually scarce in the Marine Kingdom.
Should I call that a miracle? Yes! A miracle will occur, and I know I'll survive if I'm found in such a situation.

If the mermaids were on holiday and didn't come for rescue, I would struggle to an area that has rock, and I would cut off the rope by using the rope against the rock.

What of my breath?
Guy, I know how to swim, I was born with a river in our backyard. I can stay in the water for a long time without breathing.

To choose between wealth and long life

On a normal day, this is difficult to choose because who wants to die early or who wants to be poor? No one!

But as for me, I'M FOR WEALTH.

To be honest with myself, I don't see any reason why someone should live long on this earth with suffering as an identity. Naaa!

Let me live 100 years with enough money rather than 200 years in abject poverty.
You read that right. When we talk of short life, it's100 years and below, while long life is 200 years and above. You don't agree? Please go to court.

Thanks for reading.

This is my entry to the Hive-naija weekly contest

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