My Application to the Newbie Initiative

Hello everyone, my government name is Ophelia Jackson but my nickname is @khaleesii and that is what I answer here. My nickname comes from my favorite series "Game of Thrones" which is an additional fact to know about me.

I joined hive around last year August but left shortly after due to a lack of motivation and depression. I am back now though, here to stay and stronger than ever.

I still do fall under the newbie category with a hive power of 9.859 and a reputation of 49.

I would love to join the newbie initiative because it speaks to me, I think it is a big act that shows kindness and humanity for a group of people to decide to want to help the growth of others. I hope that if I am able to join this initiative I wouldn't only grow but help others to come to attain heights that they never imagined they could.

My content mostly revolves around what I see and hear as I would tag myself an "observer". I have always been one to write based on my experiences, and my feeling which would translate to blogging, financial observations for newbies, family, mental health, weight loss, etc.

As an individual, I always want to learn and grow where ever I am found and I know this space is going to aid in my desires.

I hope that I am considered as it would be a pleasure to be a part of this initiative.

Thank you for experiencing this box of passion.


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