Privacy in relationship

It was a trend on Twitter that had many individuals clamoring to input their opinions. So, we want to hear YOUR thoughts Hive Nigerians. What do you think in regards to privacy in relationships? Is it okay for partners to go through each others phone? Does keeping your phone away from partner spell infidelity? Or are these just thoughts of an insecure body in the relationship? Let us READ your thoughts.

This is a very sensitive topic. I think that different people will have their different views on this too, some people will say there is no need for privacy in a relationship while some will say there should be a bit of privacy in a relationship.


Well what I think is that privacy and there is secrecy. In a relationship I think there actually has to be a degree to with each partner should have their own privacy,

When it becomes too much then you can term it as secrecy which in a relationship is not recommended.

I also feel that a person can start being secretive when they lack trust for their partner. Once a lack of trust sets in, a relationship has started to sink because everything their partner does will be suspicious.

Going through your partner's phone is not a bad thing until it has a negative motive like does he/she have a woman/man that he/she calls late at night or does he/she have conversations on their phones that look fishy.

It is natural to feel insecure at times. I mean if you don't get jealous or feel insecure in a relationship then well you are not fully in that relationship.

What matters most is COMMUNICATION. In a relationship communication is key because if you feel insecure or threatened about a thing that you are not sure about, why don't you ask your partner about it? And get it resolved than get worked up over something that can probably be nothing.

This is one of the things that actually destroy relationships.

Lots of love from jhymie🥰

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