What I would do with one million hive?

Good day everyone,

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It is assumed that one million hive is approximately over 700,000 dollars .This is a huge amount of money that could change a person's life within a twinkle of an eye.So basically,I would make list of few things I would go or get with a million hive.

First of all,I finished or graduated from secondary school last year ,though I have gained admission but my school hasn't resumed yet,but it has always been my dream to go study abroad but since there is no money to fund my schooling I am not able to do that ,but with such amount of money I would be able to cater for my school and even take care of myself.

Secondly,I would love to give some amount of money to someone so special,my best friend, someone who is like a priceless jewel,and that's my mum. as @merit.ahama said my mum is also my number one fan on hive.Even though,she doesn't know about cryptocurrency ,she is aware that the online work I am doing is called Hive,so she always bothers to ask me about hive,how far have gone,and how much money I have been able to make from it.She could see am striving for a better future ,and would want to me achieve great things in life,so I don't think there would be any money I would give to her that would be too much.

I would also spend some money for myself and with that I would be visiting England and trust me as a man u fan I would love to visit the old trafford to watch a football match and to also watch my favorite footballer Christiano Ronaldo play on the pitch.

Lastly,I would love to give back to the community,so I would power up some hive tokens in order to support other people posts ,as well as projects on the hive blockchain.Life at that moment would be about helping and bringing smiles to people faves and also making the community a better place.

Those are some of the things I would do or get with a million hive

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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